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It’s no secret that I like to change up the decor in our home from time to time, and the nursery isn’t safe from having furniture moved around from time to time. When we purchased this house, the nursery and family room were the first spaces to be finished, and that was 100% due to a work deadline (if you remember the Leon’s Hello Holiday from 2016). It was amazing to have these spaces finished and furnished, but over 2 years later, with toddlers who now walk and climb, the room needed a little freshening up.

First, let’s take a look at what the space used to look like:

Then we tried to completely move everything around and I loved it, and the cribs being next to the window was no issue until Jude started to grab the roller blind (which he broke).

Then we moved things around and it looked like this:


Hard to see up there, but the other crib was still up against the right wall, so the cribs formed an upside down “L” shape.

However… it turned out those little spice racks were just too much fun to hang off of (seriously), and books were always all over the place. Plus, I didn’t love the dressers being right next to one another anymore since they sort of looked like one piece altogether. It felt too heavy for the room. Oh, and Luca threw up all over the wool rug (sorry if that’s graphic. It was disgusting). It was so bad we had to throw the rug away. Sad.

And that’s where this (hopefully) final change comes in.

We now have the cribs close together, int he same direction, and have space for their tent to be in here!



There’s a new indoor/outdoor rug in the room that is SO EASY to clean! It’s also super thick and soft, which is unexpected. We got the 5×8 rug from Rugs USA. I’ve gotten two other rugs from them before (laundry room and the previously seen wool rug in this room), and have been super impressed with all of them!

You may have also noticed I moved the little cloud hooks to above their cribs, with the letter ornaments, which I got for them the year they were born.

On the other side of the room, I changed the position of the dressers and added artwork to the wall, finally!

So, I mentioned an invisible makeover, and you can clearly see all of these things. So what am I talking about?

Well, the cribs got a major upgrade in the last few weeks. The boys got brand new mattresses, and I didn’t think it was possible to be this enamoured with mattresses, but I L-O-V-E them!

We got the Newton Crib Mattress for both kids, and it has changed our lives. These mattresses have no springs, are completely breathable, and the best part: they’re 100% washable. The cover zips all the way around the mattress (meaning it’s really easy to take off and put on) and can be washed in a machine with cold water. The mattress itself can be washed in a bathtub/shower. If you have kids like mine who were spit-up champs as babies, and whose diapers leak almost every. single. night, this is the best way you can make over their nursery.

Since we got these mattresses, we have already washed the covers about 4 times, and they’re so thick, they’ve never actually leaked through to the mattress itself, so even though they mattresses are washable, we haven’t actually needed to wash them.

I couldn’t even show you what their old mattresses looked like because they were pretty disgusting. You don’t wanna see that. Believe me.

The other thing I love: these are thicker than their last mattresses, and fit inside the cribs so snuggly, which is something that can give parents such peace of mind. Who wants a loose mattress?

And that’s the invisible makeover!

If you’d like one of these magical mattresses yourself, you can get 20% off using code: thelearnerobserver over on Newton Baby! (Code valid until July 2018)

I so wish we had been using these from day 1, but I’m also incredibly thankful we have them now. And if the fact that they’re completely washable isn’t enough to convince you that these are amazing, how about this: they’re completely chemical free, made in an emissions-free facility, and they’re recyclable! Not that you would ever be throwing this mattress out, because, given the fact that it’s completely washable (and you can get replacement covers), this makes a perfect hand me down, which I’m all about.

And this, my friends, is how I hope this little bedroom looks for a good long time… until the kids outgrow these cribs, anyway!

Just for the sake of clarification, I did receive these mattresses in exchange for this blog post, but I promise you my love for Newton Baby is SO real!



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