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Because Babies Chew ALL the Things! (A Cheeky Chompers Giveaway)

I swear it feels like for the last 6 months someone has been teething in this house. And by someone, I mean either Jude or Luca. Thankfully I don’t have any more teeth to grow! Seriously, though, teething is the PITS! From day 1 they have done this individually. Jude started the whole thing with one bottom tooth and As soon as he was through the whole mega drooly, irritable and needy phase, Luca started his. Then we noticed top teeth coming in for Jude right after Luca’s bottoms ones popped out, and Luca just got through the painful and swollen staged of his two top teeth poking through, and lo and behold, Jude has another top tooth coming. It does not end!!!!

Teething toys range at our house. Anything from fingers to a brother’s ear (seriously) to our chins counts (major ouchies now that they each have 4 teeth). Having something a little more reliable than any of those previously mentioned body parts is extremely handy, however. That’s where the Cheeky Chompers come in! These little hippos are cute, chewy, and they squeak. They’re a teething baby’s best friend, and luckily our boys don’t need to share one because teething or not, they want to mow down on these toys constantly!

Cheeky Chompers

I’ve always been skeptical of teething toys because, really, anything and everything is a teething toy. But as the boys get older and recognize and remember things, these toys matter. They definitely matter! As far as having two of these goes, well, this is what happened when Jude tried to take Luca’s hippo away…

Cheekt Choimpers Review by The Learner Observer

So, sometimes two is really just better than one! Oh and don’t worry… moments after this he was perfectly fine… insert eye roll.

Cheekt Choimpers Review by The Learner Observer

If you want to see what the cute little hippo actually looks like, here he is without me having to try to get a 1-year old to hold a toy facing the right way for me.

Cheekt Choimpers Review by The Learner Observer

And if you think this might make a great gift for someone you know who has or will be having a baby (it would, trust me), or you’d like one for your own teething monster adorable little one, here’s your chance to win one!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, as always, though this is a sponsored post, these opinions are my own and my kids really do love these things. Heck, they even love the velcro and ribbon piece attached to the hippo’s arm! Just thought you should know…

If you want to now more about this little guy, check out the Cheeky Chompers Facebook page and you can purchase directly from Canada’s Baby Store!

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