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When I was pregnant, people used to say twins are twice the EVERYTHING, and I would just nervously laugh. Now I’m living it. Honest to goodness. SO. MUCH. STUFF! And I’m someone who doesn’t like clutter or things out of place. Believe me when I say I am painfully aware that at some point, I’ll have to come to terms with kid stuff being everywhere, but today is not that day. Not yet. And so I will thoroughly take in all the days I can with babies that are not yet mobile and I’ll make storage as pretty and as functional as I can.


Enter diaper boxes!

Yes, you read that right. Diaper boxes. Covered in leftover fabric from other upholstery projects (ahem, kitchen chairs). You know what else helps? This gorgeous buffet that we used in the living room for baby and puppy storage. Because they are crazy cute, but we don’t need to see their diapers or wipes or dog treats, am I right?


You can see the full look over on Hello Yellow, or better yet – check it out as part of 90 pages of inspirational goodness in Hello Sunshine and tell me what your favourite way to store baby stuff is. I’m always open to suggestions in that department!




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