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The Friday 5: First Edition

 Yep… The Friday Five is a little late today.  And by a little, I mean 9 HOURS!!!!  Sorry, guys… this week got the best of me.  Between still not being used to the time change (pathetic, I know) and teaching almost every single day, and recovering from October, I have been exhausted!  So without any further excuses…

Here are this week’s picks:

Have I ever told you about my blogging buddy April?  Have I told you about how funny and cool and HILARIOUS she is?  Oh yeah… She inspired me to bake that pumpkin pie and I professed my love for her then… Well I’m back to professing because she made something really amazing this week.  If you have not been to her blog, GO NOW!!!!  Stop everything you are doing and GO!  Money Pit Love will become your new favourite hangout spot on the internet because April has amazing photographs, and did I mention she is HILARIOUS?!?!?! Oh, wondering about Juanathan?  April made a lightbox, which, if you are a blogger, may save your life on rainy, cloudy days like the ones we have had for the last couple of weeks over here. 


With the busy Holiday season coming up, taking photos becomes increasingly important, even for those of us without blogs because you want to preserve memories made during this special time with family and friends.  Joanna Goddard shares some incredible ideas for taking photos at parties, and one of them includes creating a scavenger hunt for you and your guests.  I created one of these for a friend’s wedding earlier this year and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Having a set goal in mind for taking a photo somehow makes picking up the camera less intimidating and way more fun! 



 10516713325_33c3bc0941_zThis quite possibly my most favourite fireplace makeover.  You gotta read the trials of Life Begins at Thirty, Right? because there was some SERIOUS DRAMA with that gorgeous marble.


DIY-Gold-+-Acrylic-Clipboards-3But really, though… gold and clear acrylic?  How can anyone say no?!?  Such a classic combination, and such a stellar DIY by Design Sponge.



Picture 2

Please allow the Art Historian in me (to those of you who didn’t know, I majored in Art History in University) to nerd out for a sec and report that over ONE BILLION DOLLARS worth of artwork has been found in Germany.  We’re talking 1,500 (of the estimated 16,000) Nazi-stolen pieces.  My jaw dropped when I read this.  You probably didn’t make it to the end of the first sentence.  I completely understand!  You can read the entire article at Forbes, if you care!

Allllllllllright peeps.  Time to head on over toooooooooo….

OutroImage-T…see our buddy Lauren over at The Thinking Closet for The Friday Five: Choose the Stairs.  Its full of great ideas, awesome gifs and some of her very own amazing handiwork!

I’m celebrating my little brother’s 28th birthday this weekend and thinking about Christmas shopping.  What are you up to?

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    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    November 8, 2013

    This Friday Five was worth the wait! Way to knock our socks off with some amazing gems, Thalita! My fave is most definitely the ideas for party photos; I love the idea of giving yourself a photo challenge – – especially when it involves balancing objects on one’s head. And how crazy is that story about the $1B worth of stolen art?! Seriously!? We don’t have TV, so I rely on the internet for news – – so thank you for keeping me up to speed on current events. I need you, Thalita!

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      November 12, 2013

      Honestly, it’s these things that make me want to host more things in our teeny tiny house!!! How much fun would it be?! I loved the balancing object and the challenge to spell out a word using body parts!

      Oh man when I saw the headline about art, I perked WAY up! So crazy that in 2013 we are still looking for stolen masterpieces! CRAZY!

      Glad we are not the only TV-less peeps! We rely on Netflix to get our TV fix, and Twitter, blogs, and the occasional reading of online newspapers for our news updates. So I can keep you about as current as someone living in the 1920’s – getting news from my friends (Twitter), through the grapevine (blogs) and the occasional reading (newspaper)! Nice, huh?!

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    Janice @ Life Begins at Thirty, Right?

    November 25, 2013

    Ooh I just saw this now! Thanks for loving the fireplace ;-) I’m a fan as well (even after the tile heartache!). Have a great day!

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