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OH MY GOSH! It’s over! Can you believe it??!?! Scarf Week has been like the best week ever, and though I feel a little bit worn out from all of the late night crafting, post writing, photo editing and SEWING! Can you believe I sewed? I still can’t… 

I cannot thank the Scarf Week Team enough for this fantastic week. I hope you’ve enjoyed their amazing projects as much as I have! In fact, I think we should recap some of the awesomeness that we got to see this week, don’t you?

ScarfWeek-Day1Bling Scarf by Dream a Little Bigger | 5­Minute Twisted Bracelet by The Learner Observer
Love Song Bleached Scarf by Tried & True | Tie Dye Infinity Scarf by The Thinking Closet
ScarfWeek-Day2Scarf Turned Camera Strap by The Learner Observer | T­Shirt Yarn Scarf by The Thinking Closet 
Celery Stamped Scarf by Dream a Little Bigger | Make Your Own Tassel Scarf by Tried & True
ScarfWeek-Day3Stamped “Word Search” Scarf by The Thinking Closet | Super Simple Cowl by Tried & True
Tie­Up Scarf Sandals by The Learner Observer | Neon Fringed Infinity Scarf by Dream a Little Bigger
ScarfWeek-Day410 Minute Scarf Wreath by Tried & True | The Super Tasselled Scarf by Dream a Little Bigger
Turban Headband by The Thinking Closet | Make Your Own Kimono From a Scarf by The Learner Observer

Giveaway Winners

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to announce the two lucky winners of our Giveaway Prize Packs valued at $135 each. To recap, each one includes: $25 to The Fabric Fairy | $25 to Consumer Crafts | $25 in goodies from iLoveToCreate |$60 to Etsy. Whoo-ee!

Our first winner, as chosen by Rafflecopter and powered by, is…


Congrats, Kristy!

Congrats, Kristy G! I have a hunch you’re going to have no trouble at all spending that crafty credit!

Now, let’s talk about our second winner. Thanks to the 20 of you who linked up a scarf-related project to our Link Party as your giveaway entry (check ’em out HERE). We committed to not voting for our “blog buddies” in order to keep it as unbiased as possible. And each of us submitted our top 3 picks into the pot.

It was a close race, however, one gal rose to the top as the clear winner. Her name is…

…drumroll, please…


…Jessica from Dear Emmaline with her Boys Fleece Bow Tie Scarf!

Boy's Bow­Tie Scarf: D.I.Y. by Dear Emmaline

Adorable, no? And such a creative way to keep your little man warm (and dapper!) through those winter months. Great idea, Jessica. And congrats! We dub you Queen of Scarf Week; and who knows, maybe your giveaway goodies will inspire your next scarf creation….

Honorable Mentions

We also wanted to give shout­outs to three other gals whose scarf projects made our jaws drop:

Honorable Mentions! Inspired scarf projects....

1. Jacqueline Kennedy Inspired No­Sew Vintage Scarf Table-Runner by Southern State of Mind – 2. Shell Cowl: Free Pattern by Persia Lou – 3. D.I.Y. Framed Silk Talbot’s Scarf Wall Hanging by India pied a terre

So scarfy, indeed!


One final thank you to our incredible Scarf Week Sponsors who helped make these sweet giveaways possible! It really is so wonderful to partner with brands we believe in and brands who believe in us and the power of creativity.

Scarf-Week-Sponsors-TheFabricFairyYou can follow The Fabric Fairy here:

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Scarf-Week-Sponsors-ConsumerCraftsYou can follow Consumer Crafts here:

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Scarf-Week-Sponsors-ILoveToCreateYou can follow iLoveToCreate here:

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Scarf-Week-Sponsors-EtsyYou can follow etsy here:

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I hope you guys have enjoyed this crazy scarfy week! Fingers crossed we’re all brave enough to do this again next year! Now, I’ll be taking a scarf break, though it feels like I might need to start wearing one! You guys… Summer has left the building! At least in the Greater Toronto Area, anyway! So it looks like Scarf Week came at the right time since I’m going to have to bundle up today!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! There’s a little something special happening next week too, though nothing quite as exciting as this week. Keep an eye out for it, and a few other new pink and gold things happening on the blog!






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    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    August 16, 2014

    Oh my goodness, bundle up?! Are you for real?! A Floridian can only dream of such a thing…. (Grass being greener and what not.) Thank you again for being such a fab scarf-in-crime. You rocked the scarf repurposing projects. I think that might have to be my focus next year…. And YES! You will be brave enough! (Though we’ll all need the recover time, fo’ sho’.)

    • Reply


      August 16, 2014

      Oh my gosh, yes. It’s been a sweater and scarf kind of week, which is perfectly fine in October, but being that we get about 2 months a year of warm weather, we NEED the heat back!

      I can’t lie, repurposing scarves was fun, challenging, and now makes me want to do it ALL. THE. TIME! – After I recover from this week haha

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