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Yes, you can go on a diet that doesn’t involve giving up delicious things like sugar and bread. Seriously! Jennifer Lifford, the face and voice behind a blog I have been following for YEARS, Clean and Scentsible, wrote a book about just this, and guess what it’s called? The Home Decluttering Diet, obvs. 

Now, in the spirit of keeping it real, I haven’t read the whole book yet, because babies, but I can’t wait to dive in a bit more. I’ve made it to Chapter 5, which is sort of perfect, because Chapter 4 focuses on a 30-day home detox that you can accomplish in just 15 minutes a day! Sounds totally doable, right?

I love that Jennifer writes the book with the perspective that just like making a change to a healthy diet is something that takes time and is ultimately a lifestyle change, so is decluttering your home. We, over time, accumulate things (weight) and then become a bit overwhelmed by it all, then slowly make positive changes to get ourselves back on track and stay that way. Clever, no?

To help you along on this journey, my lovely friend Colleen from Lemon Thistle also designed a printable that can help you keep track of the 30-Day Detox, so you can check that out on her blog, as well!


With Spring right around the corner, this feels like the perfect time to tackle a few small things around the house before attempting to declutter the entire house – which badly needs to happen around here. So, I’m going to start with this. I’ve already tackled our entryway and a kitchen drawer or two, though SEVERAL more need to be done! But taking these baby steps feels amazing, and they’re completely doable in 15 minutes a day!

If you’re curious and want to try this along with me, you can get The Home Decluttering Diet right here:
Barnes and Noble
Books-A-Million (ebook available)

If you pick up this lovely book, let me know and we can be Decluttering Dieters together!!!





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    Jennifer Lifford

    March 10, 2017

    Thank-you so much for sharing! Beautiful photos! Good luck on your home diet – I’m looking forward to hearing your results! xo

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