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A Homey House at No Cost {Part 4}

Make your house a cozier home for free  The Learner ObserverThis is it – last Saturday of the 31 Day Series!  As suggested by the one who inspired this series (Julia of Home on 129 Acres), today’s post is focused on our furry friends.  Let’s face it, if you’re a dog owner and lover like me, you want to make them as comfortable as possible because if they are comfortable, they are happy.  And if your dog is happy and not bugging you, then you’re pretty happy too!  There are things we can do to make sure the dogs become a part of our homes without taking over the whole thing – and that cam very easily happen! 

5 Ways to Make a Cozy Home for Your Dogs

potternbarnsaleOk so this is a “cost-free” option (or close to it) if you’re a handy person and love a little DIY.  I think of a twin sized bed turned dog bed/shelving unit.  It could totally be done, right?  Well you can see this one right here, though it’s not free!


Red-White-Checkered-Pantry-HTOURS0706-de-179154How cute is this?  Having a special corner for our dogs is not hard to do and takes just a little bit of thought and perhaps some really awesome wallpaper?  I have to say, that little stool is darling, and looks like it really makes lunch and dinner a little easier for the pup to enjoy!  This one comes from Country Living.


506a043fd9127e30ea000c98._w.500_h.375_s.fit_I LOVE this little nook!  How wonderful that there is a perfect little spot for a bed right there by the fireplace?  Thanks Apartment Therapy for the adorable idea.


atla-092408-pethomePinterest is FULL of ideas on how to incorporate your dog’s dishes into your home so it’s not so intrusive, and if you have the space, why not remove some doors from a cabinet and have a special eating area for the little furry ones?  I personally couldn’t spare any space in my kitchen, but it’s a good thought, nonetheless!  Another Apartment Therapy find!


House_20110427_0037K this one is pure genius!  You could even use one of those handy drawers on wheels made for under the bed storage, though this one is 100% DIY.  Go check it out at House Bella.


Really, all I’m saying is that your pets will appreciate having their own little space, and you will appreciate not having their stuff everywhere so it’s win-win, right?  Needless to say, I totally want that bed.  If only Luther would actually stay in it!!

Have a happy Saturday!  Its super rainy and cold here, so I hope wherever you are there is a bit of sunshine.  If not, snuggle up with your pup instead! :)


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  • Reply Julia at Home on 129 Acres

    Baxter says this is a great post. He would very much like an elevated food/water dish, please. On my side, I’m loving that whole mudroom set up… I think I’m just as enamored with the coat tree and light fixture as I am with the doggy station. Thanks for the shout-out!

    October 27, 2013 at 11:10 am
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