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So exactly one year ago I posted this list of all of the things we want to get done in our house, and I figured a year is long enough to go without an update! So here it is!

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Main Floor

first-design(1)FRONT ENTRANCE (7% complete) 2% increase. So… basically nothing happened here!

  • make a coat rack We didn’t make one, but I did buy a small one. It gets the job done for now!
  • replace tile flooring
  • paint a chalkboard wallwanna see?
  • paint all trim
  • paint front door
  • do something about the mirror
  • paint walls and potentially do something fun like this on them


LIVING ROOM (11% complete) 1% increase. Again… nothing

  • paint walls white
  • furnish the place
  • paint the big green monster
  • replace all trim
  • paint all trim
  • replace flooring
  • gallery wall – Went from this to this already. 
  • add artwork to cover up thermostat
  • fix the currently too short, awkward curtains Not fixed, but removed. 
  • Add blinds/new curtains to windows
  • replace ceiling fan


KITCHEN (70% complete) No work done here. The kitchen is fine for now…

  • paint all cupboards white
  • change hardware
  • change counter tops
  • paint ceiling white
  • paint walls
  • board and batten
  • refinish hutch here it is!
  • reupholster kitchen chairs all done!
  • refinish table and chairs
  • new flooring (not happening for a LOOOONG time)
  • new trim 

STAIRS (20% complete) 15% more than a year ago. This officially the longest project ever.

  • remove all carpeting (some of this is done)  ALL DONE!
  • fix and paint risers
  • stain treads
  • replace railing and post NOPE! Keeping them, just painting now.
  • add a runner (maybe!)
  • paint walls and trim up to hallway upstairs
  • add artwork
  • change light fixture


Second Floor

first-designcopyMASTER BEDROOM (99% complete) That’s a whopping 99% more than last year! (Full update here)

  • paint walls and trim
  • fix up and paint closet doors – replaced with curtains instead
  • make a jewellery hanging system
  • figure out artwork for walls
  • refinish and hang mirror – This didn’t happen, but dressers were refinished instead.
  • curtains
  • new lighting
  • change flooring


MAIN BATHROOM (1% complete) Nope. Nothin’ happened here!

  • paint everything
  • replace tiles in tub/shower area
  • replace floor tiles
  • new vanity and sink
  • new mirror
  • towel hooks
  • change flooring
  • new lighting
  • change shower head


OFFICE (3% complete) ummm… I painted a cabinet. High fives all around.

  • paint walls and trim
  • finish desk
  • paint chair
  • bookcases
  • lighting
  • new flooring
  • paint filing cabinet
  • fix closet doors


SPARE BEDROOM (0 % complete) Yeah, no. This is a storage room at the moment.

  • new flooring
  • paint walls and trim
  • window coverings
  • fix closet doors
  • figure out what furniture to put in here!


first-design(2)BASEMENT STUDIO (100% complete) Woot! One more room complete! Except we’ve made some life changes and this room is in transition again. But at least it’s finished!

  • build it
  • new outlets and electrical work for the room
  • replace fuse box with breaker box
  • drywall
  • install flooring
  • trim-work
  • paint walls and trim
  • “brick” wall
  • pallet wall
  • paint doors
  • move some furniture in


GUEST BATHROOM (95% complete) Still no new fan cover. I’m calling this one done though.

  • paint tile
  • replace flooring
  • new shelving and mirror
  • new shower curtain
  • new light fixture
  • paint door and trim
  • replace fan cover


LAUNDRY ROOM (0 % complete) It’s still a scary place.

  • paint or replace flooring
  • re-do shelving
  • plank walls behind washer and dryer



BACKYARD (75% complete) 70% more than last year. And we LOVE it!

  • strip deck of all grime
  • paint deck Look for post VERY soon!
  • power wash all siding and brick
  • landscape – move some existing gardens
  • create a raised vegetable garden
  • create brick walkway from front gate and a patio 
  • paint front gate


FRONT YARD (10% complete) The garage is no longer baby blue. YAY!

  • paint existing concrete front steps
  • brick walkway and driveway extension
  • paint garage door
  • paint front door
  • add shutters
  • landscape

Alright, so that’s it for the list. At this point we’re about 38% finished doing everything we want to the house. 28% more than last year, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but then I think – we finished 2 full rooms and the backyard is ALMOST finished. That’s a lot for a year, right? Sort of? I’m going with yes because after completing the master bedroom in 6 weeks, it feels like we’ve done a whole lot and after looking back on all the work in the backyard, that almost feels like enough for one year!

Do you make lists like this to keep yourself accountable/on track? I’m finding this to be one of the most helpful things ever!




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    November 18, 2014

    You guys killed it on that back yard and bedroom though!!! Plus it’s never good to rush any projects!

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      November 19, 2014

      MMMMMuah! You’re the best. Thanks, Danica. Glad to have you on my side being that you’re the makeover queen, you know, basically re-building a house and all!

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