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This week for Modern Holiday Home we partnered with The Home Depot to bring you some beautiful Holiday decor, and they will not disappoint, I promise you! At the bottom of this post, you can see all the links to the 4 other bloggers who have decked their halls with some truly beautiful things.

Last year I used real pine in the house for a lot of the Holiday decorating, and I learned a hard lesson: small kids and drying pine needles make for BIG MESSES! This year I went on a hunt for something that looked natural but wouldn’t slowly fall apart on me, and I found the most perfect garland and wreath EVEEEEEERRRRRRRR!

For realsies!

Wanna see?


Here’s the garland on the stairwell. It’s 9 feet long, so it’s perfect for our stairs since the railing doesn’t go all the way up. I’m in love with the flocked pinecones and how real this looks! The entire thing is wired, so you can shape the garland any way you want, and I did… You’ll see how soon.

Also in this scene: the best battery operated twinkly lights. I made a snake plant look festive, you guys. Because nothing is safe from being adorned with twinkly lights!

There is a matching wreath to this garland, and that puppy went right on the front door. The hanger is also from The Home Depot and it’s adjustable, so if you have a really tall door, this is perfect!

Now you’ll notice a smaller wreath on the window as well… this is where I manipulated the second garland I got and made it into THREE smaller wreaths! Why? Because I wanted to be cost-effective and for the wreaths not to weight as much since they’d be hanging from Command hooks.


I used one on the outside of our dining room window and one on the inside, and the third is on the back of the front door.

Because these spaces all open up into one another, I love that the greenery all matches!

The tree in the corner is also from The Home Depot, but I got it a few years ago. It’s basically indestructible as it’s been outside, survived two house moves and is now enduring torture from my two toddlers. It’s a great tree.

The view from the end of the hallway now is just so darn pretty I might have to leave this up all year. Just kidding. I’ll be tearing this all down sometime in January because I’m sure the kids will get hold of it and drive me nuts!

I love that it’s simple decor with no major frills and colour, but still makes the house feel and look so festive! And Winter decor that can live in the house both before and after Christmas is always a win in my books!

Here’s a list of everything I used from The Home Depot:

Now, as promised, you can go and see more gorgeous holiday decor from these four fabulous ladies. I’m ready to tackle the rest of the house now!


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    [email protected]

    November 24, 2017

    That garland is PERFECT Thalita. Love it!!! Your house is looking so festive and cozy :)

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    November 24, 2017

    Aww! I love everything you used! You’re home is looking beautiful!!

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    Amanda - Life at Cloverhill

    November 25, 2017

    I love the garland and wreath! A great way to welcome your guests for the holidays :)

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