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Hey friends,

It’s that beautiful time of year again… when the leaves start falling and bloggers everywhere lose their minds a little and tackle both minor and major room makeovers in a whopping 6 weeks for the One Room Challenge!

I feel like a little bit of a seasoned ORC’er by now, having completed our Master Bedroom, Office, Nursery (though I didn’t finish it), Powder Room and Laundry Room. Whoa!

This will be my 6th ORC, and for this round I’m tackling two small spaces: the mudroom and our entryway.


Currently, both are in need of some TLC and major organizing. Seriously, the mudroom is a gross mess and I can hardly stand it! Here’s what I’m talking about:

The front entrance looks somewhat presentable thanks to the vintage dresser we have there, but the front door has been sitting only sort of painted for far too long, and there has been no trim on this door, ever, since we moved in here. Like, what?!?!?! It would have taken like 15 minutes to trim this door, but we just have not bothered.

The outside of the house is also getting a makeover during the One Room Challenge and I haven’t decided yet if I’ll include all 3 spaces, so for now it’s just the two. Here’s a plan of what I’d like the inside spaces to look like:

Yes, the inside of our door ill be pink. Yes, there will also be a big old green door in the same hallway. It turns out the girl who loves black and white decor also loves colours. Who knew!?


I can’t wait to get started – the hall tree has already arrived from Wayfair and I’m dying to put it together! That’s what nap time is for, right?

Stay tuned for more of this madness as things get cleared out next week and we choose our new door and hardware!



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