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We have ACTUAL PROGRESS! Like really good and big progress. Not on the inside of the house, but on the outside. Yep… it’s really happening. The front porch area is definitely getting made over and we have definitely lost our minds attempting 3 spaces at once.

I haven’t shown the front porch yet, so here it is, before any changes were made:

Since this photo was taken, we’ve cut down a LOT of these bushes to open up the space and so that we can expand the front porch.

Next, I spent the last couple of days (thanks to good weather) painting those supports above the porch and the front doors.


It’s crazy how just getting rid of the yellow colour on the doors makes the entire space look brand new! At least it does to me…

I had to get rid of the house number and mailbox as well, because seriously, they’re just a whole other level of ugly. Our mailbox is on the ground. Next to the house number. I’d rather them there than next to my pretty new black door!

The plan is to replace the lights, mailbox and house numbers this weekend… oh, and rip up all of that gross blue front porch. And maybe build a new one. Ambitious? haha

Also, can you see the little people trying to photobomb?


It’s a grainy picture, but that little smile is just perfect!

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    Deli Santos

    October 19, 2017

    Such a beautiful job Thalita. Congratulations. Specially when you do it by yourself with twins toddlers. You are amazing👏👏👏

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