The Learner Observer

I’m pretty much the worst One Room Challenge participant EVER! I totally didn’t post last week or the week before, so I’m coming in with a super late update on both weeks now before the reveal this Thursday!

There hasn’t been much going on, to be honest, because we’ve been busy with just regular life stuff and Winter arrived with a vengeance last week, so there was also that!

Here’s my super short and sweet update: we got a door knob, I finally frosted the glass on the mudroom door, and we updated the exterior lighting in our house.

Exciting stuff, right? I know.


But please look at these awesome little LED lights I got at The Home Depot:

I’m in love with them. So much better than what was there before! Check the last ORC post if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Let’s just say they were BAAAAD!

Now we need to clean up outside, touch up ALL of the paint, and install our new door handles. Fingers crossed it all happens in the next 2 days!



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