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Weekend Winners ~ 11


Yes, it’s back… despite my lack of posting projects on my own blog (as you may have read about here), I do not fail to read other blogs and check out the coolest of the cool on the world wide web on a daily basis.  Seriously, I have a bit of a problem – I have become obsessed with the Pinterest iPhone app and I cannot be stopped!


Here are this week’s winners:

Botanical PrintsRemember a few weeks ago when I posted about some beautiful botanical prints? Well, apparently I am still not over my love for them.  And how can you not love something that is FREE?  (Best word ever…) may become your favourite site if you like what you see above.  All 4 plates are taken from the same book, but there are hundreds to choose from and in all sorts of languages.  The text pages can also be quite beautiful if you’re looking for some academia-inspired prints. Not sure how this all works?  Check out this tutorial from Honey and Fitz for a step-by-step guide on using this site.  Don’t want to look through (potentially) thousands of books?  Got to this awesome post by Poppytalk for some ready-made printable files.  Easy peasy!!


Free Vintage PostersIn keeping with the FREE and printable theme, I bring you another wonder of the web.  Free Vintage Posters!  These are just a few of my favourites so far.  Honestly, you I officially have no reason to have blank walls in your my house now.  I just had to change those because let’s face it, not everyone is as slow as I am with getting something as simple as a frame up on a wall!  Oh wait, you take time with that stuff too?  Ok good.  No wonder we’re friends!


DSC_0108We’ve all seen the Pinterest recipes one bazillion times – “Make your own laundry soap”.  Sure… then you read horror stories about people who had their clothes ruined, or who said the process took way too many hours to complete, or worse, that all of the effort was for naught and the final product didn’t even work!  Well Liz Marie comes tot he rescue this time with a 1-year review of her recipe and what she did to tweak the starting list of ingredients.  Hint: if you read the comments on this post you’ll find even MORE useful info on how you can change it to better suit you and if it can be used in HE washers (Liz Marie and I both have top-loaders, so you’re A-ok to use this if you have one too).  I have been meaning to try this for EVER, and now having a blogger (whose opinion I happen to trust) share her own experience makes me think this is the way to go – plus this has GOT to be better for the environment, right?  And cuter for your home?  I mean look at that glass canister… it makes me want to go put a load of laundry in right now!


DSCN8630-JPGHere is a little touch of genius for you on this cloudy Saturday morning.  Talitha (I KNOW, our names are almost the same!!!) from Love, Pomegranate House gives a great tutorial on how to turn a dresser drawer into a flip-down media space.  So handy for those of us not using entertainment units to hold our televisions and accessories!  Yeah… remember the big green monster (which is still green, by the way)? It’s totally getting a makeover like this!  I can’t wait to not have the PS3 on the dresser! Eek!


salongbord_130512-_DSC5736Before I get to why I am posting this picture, let’s just take in the fact that this room by Fjeldborg is TOP TO BOTTOM wood, shall we?  Floors, walls, and ceiling.  And yet it doesn’t feel like your grandma’s basement!  So lovely, and so amazing what white can do for a room.  OK back to the point… This entire room is awesome.  I seriously adore how tall that table is and that there are mixes of corals and pinks without making this room look like Barbie’s house because it’s so grounded by the black and white, plus that pop of yellow is fantastic.  That tiger print kind of trips me out a bit, but I have to say I love, love, love that the prints are on the wall with washi tape.  I see this all the time, and I love it all the time.


Have a cookieRemember: “a cookie never hurts.”


Happy Weekend!

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  • Reply Gillian

    Great links! I make my own laundry detergent and use it wash all our linens, including our cloth diapers. I am pretty lazy so it’s just a 1:1 ratio of borax and washing soda. Sometimes I’ll add a bar or grated Dr. Bronner’s soap (Fels Naptha isn’t for us). You should do it…so easy!

    June 9, 2013 at 8:55 pm
    • Reply Thalita

      That’s great advice! Thanks Gillian. It’s so great to get feedback from people who actually use home made versus the store bought stuff! And now I’ll have to look into Fels Naptha! :)

      June 9, 2013 at 9:37 pm

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