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Safe to say this is no longer news – Google reader is going bye-bye in a few months!  For me (and for the tens of thousands of people who are signing a petition to keep Reader), this is sad news.  I have been a loyal Google Reader fan for several months, and it has become the best and only way for me to read blogs until…… well, until now.

google readerOf course I was aware of bloglovin’s existence, and I even had a few blogs I started following “just to see what it’s like“, but really I couldn’t imagine leaving my dear friend Reader.  I mean look at that pretty screen… I have all of my currently unread blogs right in front of me, recent changes (blogs marked unread or ‘starred’), and all of my 73 subscriptions on the left side telling me how many unread posts are waiting for me.  Perfection, right?  Not anymore…


Awesome photo of Jonathan Adler on Young House Love’s recent post was a TOTAL coincidence!

Google’s decision has forced me (and THOUSANDS of others) to make a switch to another reader.  The reader of choice appears to be bloglovin’ so far – the quick switch even caused their site to crash because of the unexpected excessive volume!  So what’s to love about bloglovin’?  Well the BEST part is that you can actually categorize your blogs into folders.  Amazing.  It gives you one photo and a few words from each post so that if you’re interested, you can keep reading by clocking on it.  The full post will open in a new tab with a bloglovin’ bar on top, so you can choose to go to another post, share or like that post from this new screen.  Also super handy!

So I have officially made the switch.  It’s done, I’m never looking back and I don’t want to, especially not now that I also have the iPhone app.  Yes, it is as awesome as the site.  It’s all true…


Bloglovin’ stole my bloggy heart!

And with that said, here is a shameless plea:

Follow on BloglovinAre you lost?  Not sure what to do?  Well I can tell you that making the switch literally took seconds… and it was crazy easy, but if you want a clear, concise look at what you need to do to make the switch, check out this link.   This blogger did a great job of showing the world what steps need to be taken to make the move to bloglovin’.

So tell me, how are you feeling about all of this?  Have you made the move?  Are you going to?

Best of luck!



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    March 18, 2013

    I’ve gone through so many readers just to ‘test them out’ and I’m still stuck on bloglovin’ !!
    ‘Feedly’ is my second choice – it’s beautiful, and incredibly well designed.. but I get all caught up on it and constantly lose articles I’ve read’.. plus I still don’t understand the point of the ‘featured’ articles at the top..

    Bloglovin’ all the way! I won’t even miss Google Reader.

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      March 19, 2013

      Stephanie I should have just asked you from the beginning!! I didn’t even like google reader, I just got used to it so I stayed and I didn’t know (until I had to do it last week) that I could transfer all my subscriptions. Silly!

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    Melissa / The Sweet Escape

    October 18, 2013

    I just joined Bloglovin today too! ( I actually never used a reader before but it’s gotten outta control so I was long overdue.

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      October 18, 2013

      Totally following youuuuu!!!! It’s handy, especially if you make groups for all your different blogs.

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