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This week I felt inspired to try something new: buying old things.  With all of the up-cycled trends lately and all things old being new again, I thought I needed to try it out for myself and see if anything called out to me, and they did.  I followed a very helpful tip from a blogging friend and I made a list – it was a mental list, but that was ok this time because it was very short!  Gillian is blogging about thrifting this month and she has wonderful ideas and writes beautifully.  Please go check her out!

So here is my list:

– clear or coloured glass bowl or vase

– small trays


– old curtains/sheets as potential interesting fabric for pillows

– lamp shade and/or base

Would you believe I found 3 of those 4 things, and one extra… Yes, an extra.  I know it goes against making a list, but I didn’t think I’d find one of these.  Especially not at that price!  How adorably perfect is that?  I’m quite in love with it and have already made plans to have a miniature Christmas tree tucked underneath it for the holidays.  Eeek!  It makes me giddy to picture it!

The other items were as such:


The vase is small, and I love the cracked effect of the glass.  It was a whopping 69 cents!  I have no idea what or if anything will go in it.  It’s sort of perfect on its own.

The lamp base is quite ugly in colour, but that shape… oh dear! I have big plans for this, so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming reappearance of the lamp post transformation.

The final item is quite special.  I also don’t know yet where it will be used – possibly in the bathroom for jewelry, or just propped up somewhere behind some candles.

Here is the 99 cent piece as I bought it (top image).  A bit dirty!  I gave it a little TLC tonight with some baking soda and lemon juice, and it’s ALMOST as good as new (bottom image).  I’ll keep at it and get it just right!

I have no idea if the stamp on the bottom means anything, but the mixture normally used for cleaning brass seemed to work quite well!

I have to say this trip to Value Village was worth every penny!  And I didn’t even spend 10 bucks!!

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    October 19, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out! And what wonderful finds…especially the surprise piece at the end. Look how shiny it is now! I especially love that it is made in Canada. I always get a little thrill when I find things that are actually made in the USA.

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      October 19, 2012

      Yeah it was a great thrifting day! Looking forward to another one soon and more “what would Gillian do?” moments haha!

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