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Before we start talking about our Thanksgiving table, I need to acknowledge that October certainly has started with heaviness in the air as our news feeds are flooded with sad news. It’s difficult to articulate feelings when events like mass shootings happen, but I so very strongly believe in the power of love, and that starts in our very own homes. I believe that if we pour love into our children, they will feel so loved that they’ll WANT to spread more of it out into the world. It’s not a solution, but it’s an action I know I can take to improve the lack of love we see in the world sometimes.

Now, I wanted to start with this in order to acknowledge that I know there are bigger and more important things happening in the world other than Thanksgiving tablescapes. There always are. But also, that the fact that us Canadians have Thanksgiving happening in just a few days, gives us a great opportunity to add gratitude, love and compassion into the world. I know I’ll be thinking about how I can do that myself over the next couple of days.

With all of that said, I did create another table setting, and this time I chose something almost as simple and easy as the last table setting I showed you – I again used vintage items and local goods, together with things I already owned and maybe had sort of forgotten about!

I kept the craft paper on the table because I do have to think about little fingers (that aren’t always clean) constantly touching a tablecloth, not to mention the kids are in this “pulling” phase, where anything made of any kind of cloth gets pulled out of wherever it actually belongs – laundry, towels, tablecloths…


I simply taped the craft paper to the bottom of the table, and voila! Table runner!

As for the actual dishes, I used these little wicker plates that I’m pretty sure are meant for picnics/barbecues as small chargers, then white plates which are our regular dishes, then mismatched blue and white pieces I have been collecting for years.

I chose to tie the flatware in the napkin for a more casual look and feel, and even the glassware is slightly mismatched, since the two at the head table have little gold specks on them, while the rest are plain. I also already owned all of these, along with the wine glasses.

The flowers were largely purchased at our local Farmer’s Market along with a few from my own garden, mixed with a small arrangement from The Local Bloom that I broke up to use here. I already owned all of the blue vessels/vases, most of which were purchased at Chapters/Indigo a few years ago.


The pumpkins and gourds also came from the Market, and the white ones I found at our local grocery store. There’s also a mix of real and faux, with the small orange pumpkins coming from the dollar store, as well as the pinecones.

That just about settles it. This was really very simple to put together, and though I have never felt that setting tables was my forte, I feel much more confident now, and certainly will be looking for  more ways to be creative with things I already own! I even like to move the chairs around and occasionally use a bench as seating at the table, which adds to the informal feel of this table setting.

Now, there are several more tablescapes you can go look at today, all by Canadian ladies, and three of them are even outdoors, which I love!


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Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!!!




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    Joann @ Woman In Real Life

    October 3, 2017

    Well said Thalita. With all the sadness in the news, you can feel helpless. I think pouring love into your own family and friends is a positive step. The people who do these crazy awful things must be missing love in their lives. It’s important for our kids (mine are old enough to feel the fear and helplessness when these events happen) that we continue to celebrate traditional events like Thanksgiving. So, to your table…all that abundance at the centre of your table is making me say a big, “yes please!” And I adore all of your mismatched blue plates. They are such a nice punch of colour against the wicker and white. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!

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    Laurie @ VinYet Etc.

    October 3, 2017

    Oh my goodness lady, it’s like you are directly connected to my heart! Your words are steeped in pain, truth and they are so so beautiful, tears in my eyes! I have typed up so many things to say… they all just seemed flat, like I just can’t drum up enough to address this, it’s exhausting and heart breaking. The only way I’m battling this heavy grey feeling is by creating and celebrating the simple things (even if those things are really very complicated) in life. Laughter, great hugs, little precious fingerprints on a tablescape. The table that you have created for your little family means so much – all of the things you do in love mean so very much! This is gorgeous, like all that you touch, I’m feeling emotional today and must tell you because it’s in my mind and you just never know when these things can’t be spoken any longer, then it’s too late – you are amazing! Happy Thanksgiving darling friend! <3

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    October 3, 2017

    Beautiful tablescape Thalita. Loving all the colour,,it’s all so pretty. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all the difficult things that are hard to put into words.

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    October 3, 2017

    Everything look so pretty! I love, love your thrifted mismatched blue plates, they add so much character to the tab escape. And, your flowers look amazing! Thanks so much for joining in, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Flourish and Knot

    October 4, 2017

    I love that almost every table had a blue touch to it this time around!! :-) Your table is gorgeous, especially that lush, rich centrepiece. The flowers and seasonal produce are such a great part of fall – I love that you really featured it in your tablescape.

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