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Hello again! It’s week 2 of the Handmade Holiday Home series, and today we’ve partnered with Minwax Canada to bring you wood stained projects, and I’ve made some wood veneer trees I’m kind of in love with!

Truth be told, these were a major bust at first. I intended on making some 3-dimensional trees to use on the tree as a centerpiece, and they just did not work. That’s the nature of DIY, right? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it’s just a big huge NO!

Thankfully I salvaged these cute little trees into place cards for a table, and now I have enough of them to use for lots of other things too!

I purchased a small piece of birch veneer at the hardware store, and tried out three Minwax stains on it. The first was a gel stain, which is meant for surfaces like wood veneer, and it was amazingly easy to apply! Then I used two regular stains to blend into the gel stain, just so have some variation in the colours and add some warmth to the grey stain. Here are the colours I used:


Minwax® Wood Finish in Classic Grey
Minwax® Wood Finish Weathered Oak
Minwax® Gel Stain in Walnut

I quickly made a template of a triangle to cut out my “tree” shapes, and got to work – I drew them on the unstained side of the veneer to make life easier. I used both scissors and a utility knife to cut the shape.

Next, I cut some really simple tree trunks in different shapes and sizes.

I then used a metallic paint pen to write some names onto the trees, and that’s it! All done!


I added a few words to the smaller trees, and I think they’d make really cute little ornaments, a garland or even a gift tag. This DIY fail ended up being something I’ll actually use and that I ended up loving!

In case you want to see how I made the metallic napkins, check out last week’s post!

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As always, though this post is sponsored, everything you read here is my own opinion. I’ve loved Minwax stains for years, and it was a pleasure to work with them on this!

November 13, 2017


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