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Does the title of this post excite you? Because it excites me! I like entertaining. I like it a lot. But it stresses me out! Especially if I have to cook. So I’ve made at least one part of the entertaining cooking-less! Appetizers shouldn’t be stressful, right?

This week for the last week of our Modern Holiday Home series, we’re partnering with President’s Choice and talking about their Insiders Collection

I set the table simply and used my collection of mismatched vintage blue and white plates – not traditional Christmas colours, but I can’t help it. I love these plates!

The wine glasses we got for our wedding, and the other glasses are also vintage, so this table setting is a little special that way.

Now let’s talk about the food! I used two types of cheddar (because I just love me some cheddar): the PC® Aged 5 Years Canadian Cheddar Cheese andPC® Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese. Amongst the cheese, the PC® Splendido® Antipasto Misto, some cheesy baguette crisps and fresh blueberries.

I set the charcuterie plates on either side of the table so everyone has access, and in the centre? Well, that’s the piece de resistance, my friends: the PC® Shrimp & Scallops au Gratin, which I set on smaller plates because the dishes are very hot when coming right out of the oven.

You may also recognize the spray painted flatware I just shared a couple of weeks ago. I swear, they’re just perfect in any setting, and all the mismatched things just add to the informal feel of this whole setup, while still making it all a little fancy, ya know?

Now just don’t ask me not to start eating before everyone gets here. Because this cheese, you guys… ohhhh this cheese!

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Thanks so much to PC for sponsoring this post! And remember, sponsor or no sponsor, these are all my own opinions and thoughts!



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