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First of all, I find it oddly appropriate that The Friday 5 is making a comeback on the 5th day of the month! But I like quirky coincidences like that. Just ask my husband, who thinks I’m insane for noticing that our first house was #12, and we bought it on the 12th day of June 2012 – it’s just a lot of 12’s. Also, our kids were both on the 12th day of the 12th month… I mean…….. 

But anyway, this isn’t about numbers! This is about a weekly post making a comeback to the blog after years of being on pause. The last Friday 5 post was written in August of 2013! Bananas!

This time, things will be slightly different. I just want to take this opportunity to share with you what’s happening in life. These will be posts with no agenda, no DIY, not even necessarily pretty pictures! I know! BANANAS!

So let’s get this party started!


1. The Day Designer

I rounded up some of my favourite planners for this year, and let you in on my chosen one for 2018. I am absolutely in love with my Day Designer and have been wanting one since I saw my friend Jess with one. It’s the bee’s knees, you guys. And SO affordable in comparison to the original Day Designer. Why do I love it? I get a glimpse of my entire week, an hourly rundown, a top 3 things to check off every day, and a reminder to practise gratitude. Check it out:

2. David’s Tea ‘Chocolate Rocket

Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve had this tea sitting in my cupboard for years (which probably means I shouldn’t be drinking it, or something?), and just recently tried it again after running out of Earl Grey. Man, oh man, this tea is just incredible! And it has yerba mate in it, which is energizing. Yes, please!

3. Google Home

I know, I know… everyone and their grandma has one of these (and if you want to see an adorable Grandma use one, go see this video!). Seriously, though, my brother gave me one of these for my birthday and we have used it every day since. I still haven’t used it to its full potential, but already the ability to add things to the grocery list, follow a recipe and listen to music at the mere sound of “ok, Google” is seriously amazing. I feel like most people either love or hate the idea of a device like this – there’s no middle ground. Where do you stand?

4. Grillo Designs

Medina is someone I have admired (via the internet because she lives thousands of kilometres away) for quite some time. She’s incredibly talented and humble. Last year she won several awards, but that’s not why I like her. Her DIY projects are always incredible, and she makes them all look so easy to actually complete! If you don’t already follow her, you should! I’m obsessed with this dresser. And the closet doors she built. And the whole room!


5. Minimalism

Not in the way you’re thinking, but being more intentional with the things we own, purposefully remembering to declutter, and remove visual noise! I love this article on Apartment Therapy about the different types of minimalists. I don’t know which one I am, do you know which you are?

I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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