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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again! This is now our third Hello Holiday edition, and we’re thrilled to announce that this time we partnered with Leon’s not only to make over one of our own spaces, but also someone else’s! You might remember seeing a little something about that in this post, and definitely on Instagram, but I’ll refresh your memory and show you some sneak peeks of the finished rooms as well.

We updated our dining room, which was in such dire need of REAL furniture. We had been using a set I bought years ago for $25, and though I loved it, it was just too small. We could hardly fit all 4 of us around the table, let alone host anything for friends or family over here. It was time for a change, especially because we use the dining area everyday – it’s an extension of our kitchen, so our new table is already well-loved and used. Plus, it makes for a great (and huge) workspace when my desk just won’t do!

I was also privileged to design and decorate a nursery for my wonderful friends, Dave and Joy, as they got ready to welcome their third baby. The nursery is full of sweet details like a handmade dreamcatcher, custom bedding, and rich wood tones for a grown up bedroom set that can be used for many years to come! We also mixed and matched some other pieces in there, so you’ll have to check out the magazine to see!

As always, you’ll find tons of inspiration in the magazine, from beautiful kids spaces to kitchens to recipes to bedrooms that will make you want to get cozy – and that’s just what you should do before you crack open this mag!


I hope you enjoy the work in there. I can tell you this much: a lot of sweat (and maybe even some tears, but thankfully little to no blood) went into this as we worked late nights, early mornings, and sacrificed time with our kids to finish the spaces in time and have them looking their best. The end results mean all of the work is worth it, though.

Happy Holidays!



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