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Warning: The length of this post directly correlates with the length of the title of this post!

Five days in a row of nothing but gift guides.  All I want to do is go crazy and buy some gifts!  And I don’t even want them (all) to myself!  Just some… that’s ok, right?

Today’s gift guide s closely related to the Foodie guide because it does revolve around food and drinks, but I wanted to focus more on the hosting aspect of things.  As someone who rarely hosts (I’m bad, I know), these are gifts I would definitely like to have, and certainly to give to the people who so willingly and warmly open their doors to others during the Holiday Season and all throughout the year.

So what do you give to the people who cook, bake and always have a smile on their faces?


The Learner Observer's Etsy Gift Guide - The Hostess1. Gourmet Popcorn and Seasoning Kit | 2. Engraved Cocktail Muddler | 3. Red Arrow with Letterpress Sign | 4. Recycled Leather & Salvaged Wood Serving Platter | 5. Mint Green Paper Straws | 6. Glittered Party Picks | 7. Pair of Wooden Wine Caddies | 8. Handmade Ceramic Tray

*Please note these are affiliate links.  What does that mean? It means I get a small cut of any purchases made through these links.  It also means I will love you just a tiny bit more for supporting this little blog o’ mine!*

I have to say the popcorn was a no brainer for me because… who doesn’t love popcorn?!  Also the straws.  I have about 4 different sets of paper straws at home and I looooove them!  They’re so easy to find now, and add a touch of fun to essentially any drink!  Oh and the red arrow with the interchangeable signs is so cute – you can even write your own message on one of them!

If you want a few more hostess gift ideas, check my Etsy faves for the hostess.


Alright, now let’s get The Friday Five on the road.

The Friday 5: First Edition


I missed it last week!!  GASP!!  I know!  How could I?  Truth be told… I felt badly about it, but I had a bit of a long week and a brutal migraine to end it off with, so I rested my eyes and my mind instead.  I hope that’s ok.

The good news is I have MORE gift guides for you!  AHHH!  Can you believe it?  I know.  Insane in the membrane.

Here are this week’s picks:

115 Reads for the Book Lover. Via Design Sponge


Untitled-1A Gift Guide for the Photographer. Via The Little House Blog


529e9874697ab0773100275f._w.540_s.fit_Gifts for Your Crafty DIY-Loving Friends.  Via Apartment Therapy


513TqiPSB1L._SL500_10 Books for the Maker.  Via Poppytalk


6a00d8341c6a0853ef019b022ac661970c-800wiGifts that benefit either a charity or provide jobs around the world. Via Oh Joy


Oh ok now you’re maybe wondering about that $200 part in the title of the post, right?  Well if you’d like a chance to win $200 in PayPal cash, and you’re not all gift-guided out, you can go over to my Foodie, or BFF, or Decorator, or Guy gift guides and catch the Rafflecopter there.  I thought about putting it here, but this post is already ohhh soooo looooooooong!  Oh, and yes, the contest is open worldwide and for just one more day, so hurry!!

Nooooooooow… this is the fun part where I get to show this awesome picture yet again!

OutroImage-TMake sure you head on over to The Thinking Closet!  Lauren has her Friday Five: A Scandinavian Christmas – which sounds like something I would totally love because seriously, anything Scandi is dandy, right?  I know… I’m so lame.  But the good news is, Lauren isn’t!  So go on over!

I’ll be sharing an extra special Friday Five next week, so stay tuned.


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    December 6, 2013

    Oh the arrow in your gift guide is great! At least a great inspiration, ’cause the used fonts aren’t my favorites… But it makes me think ;)

    Wish you an awesome weekend, my dear!
    Love, Midsommarflicka

    PS. Scandy is dandy?! Yes!! Love all the Nordic stuff as well! (Who would have thought that as my name and partly my blog are dedicated to it…?! ;))

    • Reply


      December 13, 2013

      Totally agree that the arrow could be awesome for DIY inspiration!

      You are the Scandy queen!

  2. Reply


    December 8, 2013

    These are all great gift ideas, Thalita, especially the gifts that give back! I’m getting into those kind of gifts more and more. Thanks for teaming up with Lauren this past year for the Friday FIVE! Love the picture of you two high FIVE-ing!

    • Reply


      December 13, 2013

      Thanks so much, Marmie!! Love it when you stop by the blog! The gifts that give back are the best and I love that we see more and more of those every year!

      Teaming up with Lauren is just a dream come true, and that picture is one of my all time faves!

  3. Reply

    Emily @ Two Purple Couches

    December 13, 2013

    Love all the gift guides and great ideas! The straws and party picks are super cute! I love the idea of a gift full of these fun little hostess-y / party accessories!

    • Reply


      December 13, 2013

      Thanks, Em!!! Those straws get me every time… I have 3 different sets myself haha now I need to host more so I can use them!

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