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That’s right people… I said it.  Ikea!  I took a little trip on my own today for a few necessities around the house, and after a somewhat long drive with the husband to get something ELSE to make our place a home (it’s a surprise… you’ll have to wait to see what we got), my husband got to unpacking the car.  It only took 3 or 4 trips, so no big deal!  While I made dinner he got to work, and after a lovely steak and sweet potato supper, this is what our living room/entry looked like:

Pretty awesome, right?  So some of the new stuff is already in place at this point – the 2 wicker baskets are in their new homes.  I do love their look, and also that they are almost completely opaque – I figured if I’m going to have baskets down there, I don’t need people seeing what’s in them, and Ikea had some beautiful ones that were just too open for my liking.  This ought to be perfect for winter scarves and mittens in the next few months!

The drawer sets (which you can see Alex was dutifully putting together on the floor) are a really handy addition to the EXPEDIT units.  Seriously, these units have become quite customizable now!  The door was already put in by the time I got to taking pictures.  I didn’t want to go with 2 sets of drawers because I want the unit to be more “custom” – as if that’s really possible!  Customizable, yes.  Custom… well, it’s still Ikea, right?

Now, the project is not finished yet.  We still need some decorative items to complete the look, and I honestly have no clue what those things might be as of yet.  I added a couple of extras, but who knows if they’ll stay.

Obviously this needs a LOT of work and the “Moby Dick” print will be up around the house eventually. I did frame it, and found a crack in the frame… ugh!  Alex is the forever cool, calm and collected, saying “Babe, it’s fine.  You can’t even see it.”  I’m doing my best to let it go.  Plus, I don’t feel much like driving back to Ikea just to exchange a frame.

So here we have it.  Another work in progress, but in the end Alex and I sat on the couch, looking out at the new additions, and feeling awesome about how homey this place really is becoming.  What more can we ask for, right?  Thanks Ikea!

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    October 14, 2012

    I loved it! You both are doing awesome things in how to turn a house into a home. Congrats . Looking forward for more news

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    October 24, 2012

    Oooh, pretty! I love it! And I love me some Ikea! I’ve completely filled my house with it so I’m right there with you. :)

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      October 24, 2012

      Thanks!! I’m loving it there more and more these days – especially with all the ‘hack’ ideas out there!

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