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Hey you guys!

So remember how last week I said I didn’t get anything done in the nursery? Well, this week I think I managed to get even LESS done. This round of the One Room Challenge is turning out to be a little hectic for me, given the fact that we’ve also taken on a pretty major bathroom renovation, are in the process of painting most of our main floor, and I also tackled a DIY-filled makeover of our front entry

The crib we’re getting for the boys is temporarily unavailable, and the rest of the furniture plans are also kind of up in the air, so this means I literally have a rug to put into the room along with some artwork, which I can’t put up without seeing where the furniture will go. Oh and then there’s the fact that the nursery is actually the most hazardous place ever for babies right now. Keep reading to see what I mean…

For the sake of not giving you anything to go on this week, I will show you what we HAVE worked on…


As I mentioned earlier, our entry got a makeover and it’s white, bright, and wonderful! I did the faux shiplap and picture ledge myself and even built another small shelf to go on another wall. Go see for yourself!

Entryway makeover with faux shiplap and a DIY picture ledge

I think I have a rocking chair picked out for the nursery, and it’s not what I had originally envisioned at all, but with a daybed going into the room, I think having something that’s a bit simpler will be just fine. Yeah, I’m counting this as something I’ve “done” this week… pick a flipping rocking chair. As if. 


And then there’s the bathroom… I won’t share too much because I have separate posts coming for it, but it’s taken over, and because of that, this is what the nursery looks like:

nursery week 4

Sooooo… this is a disaster, folks. And I’m not even stressed about it because when you’re 29 weeks pregnant with twins, stress is about the last thing you want. A piece of that chocolate mousse pie in the fridge, however, I’ll take more of, thankyouverymuch!


I bet you’re captivated by this post and just can’t wait to see what Week 5 brings, am I right? Trust me when I say this: me too! (yikes!)

To see more of the fun, follow along on Instagram, and if you want to see what real progress looks like, go see what the other guest participants and design bloggers are up to over on Calling It Home!

Until then!



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