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So this is the part of the ORC that is kind of tricky. You’re either getting a ton of stuff done or you’re sort of waiting to be able to do the things. That’s where I’m at.

Because we’re renovating the entire house, there is so much being done that the powder room isn’t necessarily getting much attention. So what do I even have to share with you all this week? Well, how about a budget breakdown? Those are super fun, right? (insert eye roll emoji here)

But seriously though, budgets are super important, and any tool you can use to keep yourself in check is mighty handy! If you really want to see what I’m working with, you check out my Itsums budget right here!

For something a little more fun, I updated my mood board to include a few more accessories!


This room is VERY monochromatic, so I am considering a bit more colour with the artwork, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m not exactly known for my bold use of colours!

For sources and pricing on everything you see here and a few things you don’t (like the doorknobs I’ve been dreaming about) you can check out the full list.

And if you missed the before photo and the progress shots from last week, catch week 1 right here!

Don’t forget to go over to Calling It Home to see what the 20 designers are up to this week and check out the link-up with hundreds (yes, really) of other ORC participants!

If you need me I’ll be at IKEA picking up some great little accessories, like that basket. Oh, how I love that basket!



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    Megan Smith

    October 12, 2016

    I ADORE that buffalo print! The shape of the leaves on the kalanchoe plant goes well with it, and they’re easy to care for (and re-rootable so you’ll never run out of them!). I rescind my earlier suggestion of sailboats in lieu of this new development.

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    simple nature decor

    October 12, 2016

    That powder room is going to be a dream of a room! Magazine worthy! Such classy pieces you have choosen.

  3. Reply


    October 12, 2016

    Budget talk is lame, but oh so necessary!

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    October 12, 2016

    Love your mood board!! Can’t wait to watch the room transform!

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    Brittany Goldwyn

    October 13, 2016

    Nothing wrong with monochromatic!! I can’t wait to see your progress and hope the rest of the house is going well!

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    Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.

    October 13, 2016

    I love your style, simple classic and so classy!

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    October 13, 2016

    I’ve been seeing that Ikea basket everywhere lately, and I LOVE it! I’m going to have to get myself one. The inspiration looks amazing!

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    [email protected]

    October 13, 2016

    I personally love the lack of color but I’m sure anything you go with will be amazing.

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    Karrie Trowbridge

    October 13, 2016

    I love your choices! And, itsum, is really cool! I’ve never heard of that before. Budget is always so important :)
    Can’t wait to see your progress! I love the monochromatic look!!

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    Sarah @ Making Joy and Pretty Things

    October 14, 2016

    I love the monochromatic look! It’s going to look gorgeous when finished!

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    October 14, 2016

    LOVING the monochromatic look with the pops of gold! I think it’s going to look incredible Thalita!!!

  12. Reply

    Michaela @ The Lodge on Haydon

    October 14, 2016

    Such a pretty design, that light fixture is amazing!

  13. Reply

    Kyla @HouseOfHipsters

    October 14, 2016


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    October 14, 2016

    Love that buffalo print! I always admire the unexpected touches and those floors are going to look great with your walls!

  15. Reply

    Jessica | Petal + Ply

    October 14, 2016

    I think the black and white is going to look amazing! Such pretty finishes.

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    October 15, 2016

    We’re in the same boat! I feel like we have a ton going on, but little actually happening in our ORC space. Still loving your design, and I think we also share a lack of color in our spaces, but if it’s what we love, why force something else into it, unless you really want to take a leap. I’ve found it to be very satisfying when I have been able to move past my hesitation of color, and hey, it’s just art, so you could always change it out if you aren’t feeling it. It’s a great place to start! :)

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    Angela, Blue i Style

    October 20, 2016

    I’m catching up on the Week 2 progress before heading over to read Week 3, and I’m loving your monochromatic plan!

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