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Shopping at Homesense

This week I did the unthinkable… I went to Homesense!  I don’t think I set foot into one for the whole month of October. 

Can you believe that?

No, me either.  But it happened.

I did buy ONE thing, and it was a rug which was priced incredibly well, but that I’m not sure I’m going to keep so I’m not sharing it with you yet.  That was super unnecessary, right?  Sorry.

What I AM sharing with you today are some great finds – both for Christmas shopping and otherwise.  The Homesense Christmas items never disappoint.  Oh and I should mention – all items were under $40!


TOP 10 HOMESENSE CHRISTMAS ITEMS UNDER $40 (plus 2 I couldn’t resist sharing!)

 Boy, it’s good to be back sharing some goods with you!  Now I want to make clear again that I didn’t actually buy any of these items – just the rug which you won’t see today.   Why am I repeating myself?  Because after 31 days of no buying for the house, I actually didn’t feel right about going on some sort of shopping spree.  Many of these items can serve as inspiration for knockoff projects or serve you well if you actually need some of these things for your own home.  So let’s get started.


photo 5This little guy was adorable and oh so sparkly and fun!  For $19.99 I think it makes a great wreath that can carry you throughout the Fall and Winter – Maybe even Spring.  The lovely thing is you can add ribbons, flowers, branches… whatever you’d like to make this fit with the seasons.  For 20 bucks, that seems pretty great to me.  Only downfall: all that glitter!  I would strongly suggest spraying it with some form of shellac to hold all those itty bitty sparklies in place!


photo 3Continuing the wreath talk… WOE! This snowy one stood out big time.  Because it’s gorgeous!  At $39.99 it’s well priced for such a beautiful (and for me impossible to duplicate on my own) Winter wreath.  I stared at this one for a solid 2 minutes.  People walked by looking at me strangely…


photo 4Wintery wreath alternative – because I know not everyone loves a wreath.  This icy bunch was around $19.99 if my memory serves me correctly… I also fell in love with it a little bit!


photo 4This little tree was everywhere!  The branches are plastic, though they don’t look it, and at $19.99 I couldn’t help but imagine its potential for the Christmas season and afterwards – maybe lit up with some battery-operated mini lights, or with some sweet little ornaments hanging from it… Remove Christmas decor and you have a perfect little Wintery tree to hang around your home until the snow goes away, which should be around March for us!  Possibility of a hack on this one: HIGH!


photo 3MORE trees!  There were a lot of these, as you can see, and they ranged from $10-$30 depending on their size.  I think they look incredible as a collection!  Mantle decor, anyone?  Hackability?  Totally high on this one too!


photo 2There were about 5 different models of these little houses and churches priced at around $14.99 each.  I was dreaming of a little white village, all lit up by candles at night.  Oh my word.  Adorbs!


photo 1Handmade goodness!  Nothing beats personal and/or handmade decor, as far as I am concerned and these little guys brought it.  At $5.99 each (wow… amazing) I think they’d make a great ornament if you happen to, you know, drive a pickup truck?  Live on a farm? Have a kid in your life that loves toy trucks?  All of the above?


photo 1This was one of my faves.  I am such a sucker for a good snow globe!  There were TONS of styles, but these little birds won me over.  This one was $19.99, I believe… I didn’t take a photo of the price.  Silly me!  I love that it’s not a Christmas snow globe, and can hang out in your space all Winter long.


photo 2The collection of plates and napkins was quite stellar and made me want to have a Holiday party like now!  Mix and match is best, and there was plenty to choose from.  This was my favourite combo from their selection and the packs ranged from $2.99-$4.99.


photo 1Okay…. YES!  A little holiday cheer on your couch is never a bad idea!  I was loving the plaid and ruffles… and the pillows were just around $19.99 each.  P.S. had you ever noticed how gorgeous the flooring at Homesense is?


photo 3Throwing in a couple of non-Christmas items for you.  These magnetic note pads, you guys!!!  You know me and my type-A personality LURRRVE a good list, so i was immediately drawn to these.  But I didn’t need one more note pad, so they stayed.  Sad.  Great gift-giving potential, though, and for $3.99 I was impressed!


photo 2Shower curtains have really stepped up their game over the last few years, and these are no exception.  Oh and they were ON SALE for $16.99 each.  I have seen these exact ones sold elsewhere for $30, so if you need a shower curtain, RUN (don’t walk) to your nearest Homesense!

~ ~ ~

Ok and that, my friends, is your first edition of  “Shop with me.”  How was it?  Any items you’re looking for that I can use my magic shopping powers to find for you? You know I could window shop ALL THE LIVELONG DAY!


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