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Chalkboard Wall

Before we get going with this wall, just a note that husband and I celebrated one year of being home owners!  It was cool to think back to when we got the keys and excitedly came to OUR HOUSE!  Crazy how time flies… Ok so let’s talk about this chalkboard wall.  Wait, what do you…

Mini Winter Forest DIY

It has been an honest-to-goodness long, long time since I have posted, right?  I know… And for that I am sorry.  I have slacked off since my blogging marathon in October.  My feelings are almost entirely expressed in my blogger-friend Gillian’s recent post.  She seems to have read my mind when she mentioned feelings of…

I gave in

So it turns out I can’t manage 31 straight days of blogging, but I can manage 2 posts in less than 12 hours.  Awesome right?  No… not so much.  I guess I still haven’t let it go! So what did I give in to?  I made a wreath!  That’s right… and it’s NOT a Christmas…

A little privacy, please?

  • Thalita
  • Decor
  • Nov 8, 2012

We’re working on our brand spanking new door.  I haven’t shown you yet because we still need to fix the framing and get the new doorbell installed, but this is almost a separate project in itself, and you’ll see why!  The door is all glass with the exception of the 4 inch border around it. …