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So it seems that gold and brass accents are making a heavy duty comeback in the decorating world these days, and I have to say this makes me very glad for the pieces we have collected in our living room with brass accents like our still unpainted big green monster (though the brass is sad-looking and d-i-r-t-y!), and our new coffee table/vintage trunk which is navy blue with brass hinges (also sad-looking at the moment). All sadness aside, the combination is just stunning. I’ll blog more once I muster up the courage/knowledge to restore the trunk to its former glory. Centsational Girl did a great job of showcasing how touches of brass can add interest in decor, and how yummy is that pink?


Anyway, this is not a blog about my shortcomings in restoring our current furniture, but rather I need to make a decision on a piece I acquired quite a few months ago along with the cigar box and the embroidery hoops that I have begun to use around the house. The original plan was to spray paint the heck out of this little stand in a glossy white, but with all of the lovely brassiness trending, I’m toying with the idea of enhancing the golden tones instead. Before committing to either colour, I searched for some stands with similar shapes in both white and gold/brass.

brass_white stand

1. Antique Gold Cake Pedestal – 2. Leaf Design Three Tier Server – 3. Lamp base painted (source unknown) – 4. Brass Cake Stand (source unknown) – 5. Birds on a branch cake stand – 6. Brass Macaroon stand – 7. Two-tier Round Cake stand – 8. White Cake stand (source unknown) – 9. Antique-inspired Tray

This pretty much sums up my lack of ability to make an actual decision. I’m going to keep staring at these images and the tray, and hopefully I’ll make a decision sometime in the NEAR future! Here’s what I’m working with:


gold stand collage

I realize #5 is really the only one that looks like my stand, and silver is not a colour I’ve considered for this little guy, but that bird… how cute is that bird? I would strongly consider super gluing a little one like that on one of the top branches.

Isn’t it amazing that I paid $3 for this? I think so… regardless of strange dark spots currently present on the “wood grain”. Now here comes the part where I ask for help. In my typical indecisive fashion, I am unlikely to figure out which direction to go from here. I’m willing to try either gold/brassy tones or white, unless you have other suggestions?




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    Lindsey Brock

    February 26, 2013

    I like the brassy better than the white. The bird is ADORABLE!!!!! So happy to see your blog up and running again! xoxo

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      February 26, 2013

      Thanks Linds!!! I’m happy to BE back! :)

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    February 26, 2013

    I think I’m leaning towards the gold/brass look…and I’m usually a white fan! Love the piece and be brave and paint the green monster!!

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      February 27, 2013

      Oh thank you! Looks like brass is a unanimous favourite :) And thanks for the encouragement on the dresser – I am definitely gearing up to paint that bad boy!!!

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    July 26, 2013

    I love the touches of brass! Looks so good in that bookcase along with all of the other items in there! So beautiful! To add color to my room i just got this new
    home decor jar, and im very happy with how it turned out! I love your display so much.

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