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weekendDo you know what this weekend is?  Yes Father’s Day, which I am very much looking forward to.  Also, it’s the weekend I go see Man of Steel.  You guys… you don’t even know how I adore Superman.  He is the greatest superhero, like, ever?  Yes.  And so is my dad, so it’s just too perfect.  Anyway, now you know what a total Superman dork I am.  So far this weekend has been wonderful.  We went to a very sweet wedding last night, and it was like Pinterest-level-dreamy.  Of course I forgot to take any pictures… I was enjoying it all too much!

Here are this week’s winners:

Hardware-Decor-wall-storage-0211-vc3bMH-xlAwesome idea?  Yes!  These are cardboard tubes covered in “wood” contact paper.  Simple and amazing.  Another one to consider DYI-ing, especially since I just saw some super cheap tubes at the Re-store yesterday!


design alter-egoWant to know you design alter-ego?  Who doesn’t!?!  Above is mine – ummm… I don’t know about accuracy with this one, but I’ll take it!  I saw this via How About Orange this week, and you can take the quiz here.


DIY-Gold-Necklace-Bracelet- Jewelry-Spray-Paint-Fashion-Accessories-Tubing-Craft-Project-IdeaJust discovered this blog (Creme de la Craft: thanks Pinterest), and already LOVE it!  This necklace is exactly what I have been dreaming of.  Now if I could just make the time to get the materials and get crafty…


il_570xN.398467701_jkmhGood advice? I think so.  Awesome that this is gold leaf on vinyl?  Absolutely!  Artist? The Vaguely.


tumblr_moft5wLGSf1r00wwco1_500#s 3 and 4 are my personal faves! [Source]

Happy Father’s Day/Superman Weekend everyone! (Seems fitting, right?

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