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weekendSchooooooool’s out for the Summer!  Schooooooooool’s out, but not forever…… which is OK, because I am already looking forward to getting back to substitute teaching in the Fall.  I can’t say enough about how much I have learned this year.  I really should write it all down!  Any-who, since my schedule is slowing down again, I have started some big projects around the house.  Without giving too much away, our main staircase is getting a major makeover!  Woo hoo!  Now let’s get to the goodies from this week!

Here are this week’s winners:

 Crazy Disney poodleCome on… you laughed, right?  This was by far my favourite of all of the Dog Grooming Competition photos in this slideshow.  If you want to see some cute puppies turned creepy/weird/hilarious, please don’t hesitate to click here.


tart pan standHow ingenious is this simple project?  Vixen Made hit the nail on the head with this one, and I am totally going to try this project.  This cost her $2 to make, and it reminds me of a Martha Stewart cake platter from Macy’s with a price tag of around $50.  Sorry Martha, but this project WINS!


HOUSE TOURPeople, I have found the mother lode of house tours.  Allow yourself a solid 20 minutes to scroll through dozens of stunning photos of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes care of 6th Street Design School.  I still can’t believe real people live in these homes…


repainting furniture - the everygirlHere is something beautiful and useful, and that will please those of you like me that like to be able to print things off and have them handy, by your side, pinned to your inspiration wall, sitting on your nightstand as a reminder of your goals… you name it.  The Everygirl has some seriously amazing Handbooks for everything from budgeting to wedding ideas to (you guessed it) painting furniture (PDF link).  This particular one drew me right in, and what a delightful surprise to see it was put together by Centsational Girl!


Lessons from a dogLove the messages and artwork from Patrick Moeberg.


Happiest of Summer weekends to you all, and Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians!!

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