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I know this is now over a week old, but I feel it’s still relevant in the world of blogging.  It seems Google is not letting up on getting rid of Reader.  Sad, yes – a little tiny bit.  To be perfectly honest, I’m SOOOO over it already.  In case you missed it, here are my thoughts on the whole thing from earlier this week.  Now onto the good stuff!!


anthro anchor bend candle holders Coolest candle holders?  Quite possibly.  This is just going with my nautical love from last week I guess…  At $12-$18 each though, these are affordably awesome!  Thanks Anthro!



One of the coolest finds of the week for me was this awesome site Statigram.  You can get all of your Instagram stats, which is probably completely useless, but I think it’s cool.  Yes, I’d like to know which filters I have never used before, though I was already very obviously aware that Valencia is my fave!  Didn’t know X-Pro II and Sierra were so close behind though!  Anyway, if you want to see more of my adorable puppy and some sneak peeks at what crazy projects I’m working on for the blog, follow me here!


 heart scarfApparently Indigo is for more than just books… but we’ve known that for a while now.  I have a LOOOOONG wishlist going on their site right now, and after seeing their additions of adorable wearable accessories, the list just got longer, folks!  Why oh why is my birthday at the end of the year…. sigh.


Kate Spade - Things we loveTruth be told, I love all things Kate Spade.  Who wouldn’t?  Her fun patterns (ohhhh polka dots!), colourful accessories, and adorable jewelry are just some of the reasons she’s so totally awesome.  This visual diary is the brand’s creative team’s own collection of their favourite things over the past 20 years.  Love.  You can see more awesome photos from the book over at A Beautiful Mess.


frame hanging hackThis is PRICELESS information here people.  Read up!  Best info I have possibly ever read on an easy way to hang your RIBBA frames (or any frame) – because I know we all looooooooove us some RIBBA!  This is impeccable timing too… with the gallery wall underway at our house, this might just actually make me want to start hanging stuff instead of procrastinating… I mean, what?  No, my frames are not all just sitting on a table begging to be hung on the wall.  Geez…


Chris Brogan quote

Just a quick reminder never to settle!


I promise next week brings some more DIY projects!  It’s been a busy teaching week and my blogging has fallen slightly behind.  I just know you’ll forgive me though!

I hope you have a great weekend!



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