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First of all, Happy Easter to all of you!  This is my favourite Holiday of the year and I am SO EXCITED because this year I am attempting to make a lovely Easter dinner for my husband and I and it involves turkey.  My very first turkey.  I’ll let you all know how tragic it is… wish me luck!  Ok, on to this week’s best finds!

caitlin gallery wallAs you are all (perhaps painfully so) aware, I am attempting to start a gallery wall around my chalkboard.  It’s been the focus of many Instagram photos and general discussion in my life as of late, and then I saw this.  Does Caitlin Wilson do ANYTHING wrong?  Ever?  I doubt it… the woman is a colour genius, and now I want a pink ampersand.  Done.  This certainly gives me hope that my plans of a gold/black/white/wooden frames gallery wall is still a great idea though!


headFirst time ever.  My BFF and I went to this yesterday and we just about fell over after experiencing such awesomeness.  Seriously, the place was chock-full of amazing artists and artisans, not to mention DELICIOUS goodies!!!  See below for more on that…  The show is on again in Toronto at the end of November, and I fully intend on doing all of my Christmas shopping there.


bruce county applesOh.  My.  Gosh.  Most memorable booth at the One of a Kind Show.  You don’t even know what a caramel/chocolate apple is until you have tasted THESE!  Bruce County Nut & Fudge Company knows where it’s at – and it’s in the apple, people!  I can’t believe I had never had one of these before and the company is pretty local, too!  We tried the “Cinful” apple samples at the show – “Premium extra-large Granny Smith apple dipped in our home-made caramel rolled in a cinnamon sugar glaze.”  Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.  I brought one home… it’s Easter Dinner dessert (as if the 34 lbs of chocolate we have at home aren’t enough).  Their fudge is also insanely delicious… just saying…


panda-plantI have a black thumb.  There, I said it.  I have officially disowned my grandmother and mom.  Sad.  I can’t seem to keep anything alive.  My terrarium plants?  Dead.  Yes, really.  The soil I used was too rich, and I watered them too often (every 2 weeks!).  I’m going to try again, of course… when I can manage to finally pick up the terrarium and not feel shame!  There are two plants currently living in my house – one from my Mother in Law and one from my mom.  Every now and then I forget to water them and they wilt sadly, desperately begging me to actually pay attention to them.  In the last month or so I have gotten better – I water frequently and even cut off some dead leaves, I have even fertilized!  I know, I couldn’t believe it either!  Anyway, I want more greenery int he home – a hanging pot in the kitchen, perhaps in the bathroom (something tropical?) and maybe even in my eventual office!  I saw this list and knew it had been put together for me.  It’s titled “10 Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill” – and the plant pictured above is called a Panda Plant – so cute!  I can’t wait to get me some of these immortal plants!


bacon and eggsMy quote of the week is also a something I like/want… Mostly I want this for Alex because he happens to love Parks and Rec, but I have to say – the more I watch it, the more I like it too!  This Ron Swanson classic is one of my favourites from this awesome Etsy store!


That’s all for now!  I hope  your weekend is full of celebrating!!signature 1


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