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All I can tell you is working 6 full days per week is taking a toll on my blogging habits and my cleaning routine, not to mention my cooking of anything has seriously been put on the back-burner (no pun…).  I have prioritized sleeping and watching insane amounts of Parks and Rec over any of the above things.  Can you blame me?  Maybe just a little…  Promise you’ll see improvements this week.  So let’s get on with the best of what I found this week.

GULORTIKEA strikes again… this time with both adorable owl cuteness and an awesome print all combined into one!  This is the GULÖRT pillow cover (front and back shown) and it’s a budget friendly $5.99.  It’s officially on my IKEA shopping list.  In fact, I just emailed said list to myself so I don’t forget.  I have a problem…


bee wall stencilI have a slight compulsion lately to look at stenciled walls, then I imagine them in different rooms of my house.  I still haven’t been able to forget the anchor wall I posted about a few weeks ago.  It’s all just too much… I’m loving honeycomb anything these days, and this wall stencil would be a perfect partner to some honeycomb goodness, wouldn’t it?  Aaaaaaaaand it’s shown in gold!  Perfect!


etsy registryThis is probably news to no one in the world but me, but you can register on Etsy?  Boy oh boy my wedding gifts sure would have looked different had I known this a year ago…


furbish-pillows-entry-bamboo-mirror-gold-lampHave I given you the impression that I like gold/brass, patterned pillows and pink with a little sheepskin rug thrown into the mix?  No?  Well then you need to see my Pinterest boards… This is my girly office dream come true, people.  For reals.


MG_23561I didn’t put it on Instagram or anything (mostly because it was too sad), but I broke my super cool “wooden” deer head a few weeks ago.  I was throwing a toy to Luther, aimed terribly (as always), hit the wall and the deer came crashing down.  I’m gonna fix it, don’t worry… but I am sort of over the deer head/antler on the wall thing, however, Unicorns?  I can deal with those!  Or maybe make it a horse so my husband doesn’t decide to live somewhere else due to too much fur, pink, gold and overall girlishness (that’s a real word.  Didn’t know that until right now).  This DIY project is for a playroom… but I think it’d be cool in an adult space too!


Hope Spring is springing up wherever you are this weekend!!

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    Raven Corwin, aka Meggie

    April 15, 2013

    Ikea is awesome. I go once in a while to check the As-Is area for things I can use as-is or alter. LOVE the bumble wall stencil. This inspires me to do just such a thing (but with dragon flies) on the wall behind my bed. Lots of fun and inspiration here, Thalita :) Glad you shared.

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      April 16, 2013

      Ohhh I also love the As-Is section!!! And awesome idea with the dragon flies!!

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