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Have you ever felt paralyzed by Pinterest? Like you can’t possibly work on a project unless you know it would be as pin-worthy and beautiful as the pristine images we see on Pinterest every day?

I have.

I do!

As a blogger, this is ESPECIALLY bad.  I see beautiful things from fellow bloggers all the time, and not to toot my own horn, but SOMETIMES those things might just be on my very own blog, made by me.  But not always.  And that’s where the problem lies.

This time I’m choosing to just do it and work with what I have.

Welcome to my pantry.

Pantry - closetDoesn’t look like much, does it?

That’s because this is a pantry/closet/storage unit.

And it ain’t pretty.

Pantry - closet 2But it works!  That’s pretty much the closet.

Pantry - cans and boxes 2This is pretty much the pantry.

Recycling CenterThis is the recycling center.

Pantry - framesStorage?  There’s paint and Christmas stuff on some high shelving that was impossible to photograph as well.

Pantry - brooms and swifferOh and I almost forgot the cleaning supplies…. those are in here too!

Pantry - cans and boxesHonestly, I used some dollar store containers (like that glass one with beans) and that amazing storage basket was a random find at Home Sense that we have used forever now.

Ideally I’d like our pantry to look like this:


 But it doesn’t.  And that’s totally ok.  One day I will make this project a priority and one day it may be prettier, whiter, and with much nicer floors.

Until then, I’m going to be happy with a place to put all of our shoes, scarves, coats, water, canned goods, pasta, frames, brooms, paint, etc…

Oh, did I mention that there’s a magic light in there that turns on as soon as the door opens?

Pantry - light 2Yes, it was a $12 find at a Restore close by.  SO LUCKY!!!  This little device has made my pantry/closet/storage unit feel like the coolest thing Pinterest has ever seen every time I walk into it!

Honest to goodness.

Take joy in the little things, the small victories of organizing a space and keeping it that way.

Function beats beauty, as far as I am concerned in this case.  So work with what you’ve got!

Am I right?

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  1. Reply

    Judy Beeksma

    October 23, 2013

    That is a totally functional and wonderful pantry that has everything you need!

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      October 24, 2013

      Thanks Judy! I guess that’s all that matters :)

  2. Reply


    October 23, 2013

    I love this Thalita! Done is better than perfect.

    • Reply


      October 24, 2013

      YES! Thanks so much, Heather! Maybe one day it will be pretty :)

  3. Reply

    Julia at Home on 129 Acres

    October 23, 2013

    I completely know where you’re coming from with this post. I’ve been working on my front hall closet and mudroom closet. They’re both very functional, but they’re not “pretty.” Honestly, my thought while I was laying in bed last night was, “If I was a true blogger, I’d have more baskets.” :) Yeah, that other pantry is very pinnable, but is it any more functional than yours?

    • Reply


      October 24, 2013

      I have that thought ALL THE TIME!!! So glad I’m not alone. There are a lot of expectations that we put on ourselves once we become design/DIY/decor bloggers, but what I am seeing from the reactions I have had to my unattractive pantry is that other people don’t actually seem to care too much. Honest moment? I’d probably walk into that ladder more than I would actually use it. It would possibly annoy me! haha

  4. Reply

    Emily @ Two Purple Couches

    October 28, 2013

    Pinterest is a blessing and a curse! My pantry is a mess, but who cares? It’s got a door that shuts for when company comes over, hahaha!

    • Reply


      October 29, 2013

      HAHA! Hey if it has a door, it’s all good!!! That’s really all you need ;)

  5. Reply


    November 7, 2013

    Hello, lovely – I’M ALIVE! And finally getting around to reading all of your lovely blog posts.. I guess being sick does have at least one advantage. ANYWHO! I love your honesty, as always, and that you’re sharing this with us. I totally agree, I look at all the lovely DIY and decorating blogs (including yours!), and I get so discouraged sometimes… then I remember that my home needs to work for me, and also that I am a poor student who could never afford all those things anyway, and I feel much better.

    Happy to be back! :)

    • Reply


      November 12, 2013

      YAY!!!! So happy to be hearing reading(?) from you! Sad that you’re sick though! I don’t think my blog gives people much to be discouraged about in terms of it’s decor potential hahaha It’s a bit of a mess over here! But I understand why it’s easy to get discouraged! I feel that, and then I do what you did – remember that my home is FOR ME. Not for someone else’s idea of perfection. Plus, some day, when we’ve made millions from our super successful blogs, we’ll be left with great taste and know just how to use our abundant money, right?

      SO happy to have you back!

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    November 15, 2013

    I think your pantry looks great! I’m especially impressed with how organized you are:)

    • Reply


      November 15, 2013

      Thanks so much!!! It’s easier to keep things organized in a small space, I think… forces you to be mindful!

  7. Reply

    Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

    November 17, 2013

    Yes! Sometimes being useful is so much better than being on a magazine cover! (all those staged storage pics look like there’s too much empty space in them anyway :)

    • Reply


      November 18, 2013

      Thanks Steph!! I often think they look empty, too! No one’s pantry or closet ever really looks like that, does it?

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