Thrift Score Thursday!!!

thrift score thursday10

I am so excited about today!!! Want to know why? Because I get to be the guest host for this week's Thrift Score Thursday, and if you don't know what that is, you're about to fall in love!  So what does this mean? Well it means I get to share with you my bestest #ThriftScoreThursday find and also some of my faves from Instagram, too! Here's my pick: you may have already seen this find here and a few times on my own Instagram account too, but it's by far one of my best thrifty finds ever! Yep... our kitchen table and chairs. All five pieces cost $25, and I still can't … [Read more...]

A $5 Jewellery Organizing Solution

$5 DIY Driftwood Jewellery Organizer  The Learner Observer for

Hiya! My contributor post is up over at Remodelaholic, and I'm sharing a jewellery organizing solution you might just love because it cost about $5 and took 15 minutes to make! I totally meant to share this with you yesterday, but being that it was a holiday here in Ontario, I kind of forgot it was Monday! Better late than never, right? So head on over to see the full (short) tutorial! It's right here! xo … [Read more...]

Why Loving Your Imperfect Home Is Important

Why Loving Your Imperfect Home is Important | The Learner Observer

I have an imperfect home. Do you? It's no secret that I have a lot of work to do on my house. It is far, far, FAR from being perfect and magazine worthy, or even blog worthy most days. You may see snapshots of a few things here and there that may look somewhat put together, but the truth is, I am extremely critical of my home and very selective about what I share. Anyone out there with me? Having a blog forced me to be this way. I got used to sharing only the pretty, nice, and sometimes slightly staged pictures of my life - though I do try to keep it pretty real with you … [Read more...]

Is there something different about me?

etsy shop

The question we have all [at least one time] asked a crush/boyfriend/husband - amiright ladies?? Well, since you're all my crushes, I'm asking you. Do you notice something different about The Learner Observer? I'll give you a minute. You have to look closely! No.... I DIDN'T get glasses! [whaaaat? Blogs don't have glasses...] There's a SHOP page! Perhaps you noticed my sidebar also has a new item, letting you know about the shop. It looks like this: Or you may have seen the update on Instagram or Facebook that looked like this... Either way, the fact is - I opened … [Read more...]

Footstool Makeover with Woven Rope

DIY Woven Rope Stool using a Thrift Store Stool | The Learner Observer |

Hiya! How did you guys like the Leon's Furniture living room makeover? Isn't that sectional to die for? And the cocktail table - oh my!  Well you may have noticed in that post that I mentioned a little DIY footstool project, or maybe you just saw it in the Masculine Chic look. Either way, I want to share with you how I turned that $2.99 footstool into the little woven goddess she is today! To start with, this stool was dingy and the original woven rope on it was beyond disgusting. It was one of those thrift store finds that you know you want, but you also know you don't wanna … [Read more...]

#FlowTable Meets #VictorySectional x3!

Living Room Makeover with Leon's Furniture | The Learner Observer |

Hey, friends! So ummm... what's up with the hashtags? Well, if you follow along on Instagram [and you most definitely should], you may have noticed a few pictures about styling a certain coffee table with a certain sectional sofa. Like these... Why? Because I was super lucky to team up with Leon's to make over one of my best friends' living room. Here's a little back story: a few months ago Lara and her husband bought a house, and as Lara worked on furnishing her home, she asked me where she should look for a sofa. I immediately said, "Leon's!" It happens to be where we got … [Read more...]

Living Room Plans – Working Around the Fireplace


Hey friends! So in the spirit of starting new things for the new year, I'm making living room plans since I now have a mantle and faux fireplace to decorate (which is super fun!). I'll share the ins and outs of the actual fireplace soon as well, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what's in store for the area around it - and ask you to help me choose the best option, too! Here is what the living room looks like now: I don't hate the gallery wall around the TV, but I don't love it as much as I used to and I'd love to change this up and lighten up the walls in here. Yes, … [Read more...]

Toasts From Around The World – and Some FREE Printables!

may you live

Hello dear friends of The L.O.! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season filled with sugary sweets, savoury meals and loads of family downtime - after all, those are the things that matter, right? Today I'm bringing you a different sort of New Year's post. There are no resolutions, no goals, and no looking back at what 2014 consisted of. It's not because I hate those things - I actually really like them, and you know that's true based on the fact that I made them for 2013 and 2014. I just decided that this year I would keep that list more private - the long one, anyway. I did … [Read more...]

How I Painted My Dressers Using Chalk Paint ®

Dresser Makeover using Chalk Paint

Ladies and the two gentlemen that may or may not read my blog, I am finally bringing you a post dedicated to how I made over two dressers using Chalk Paint ® for our master bedroom this year! You've seen the dressers, right? Because by this point, you've seen the master bedroom makeover like 100 times - in the post about artwork, the post about the headboard, and the reveal post. In case you missed ALL of those, I bring you, the complete makeover on the dressers, and a review on my first ever experience using Chalk Paint ® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  Here's … [Read more...]

[Black & White] DIY Geometric Ornaments

DIY Black and White Geometric Ornaments by The Learner Observer

Ok class, give me a show of hands: how many people are surprised by the fact that I made something black and white? Oops... sorry... teacher Thalita and blogger Thalita merged there for a second! But seriously, is anyone surprised by black and white on this blog anymore? I didn't think so. This time, they're DIY geometric paper ornaments! Anyway, these are easily some of my favourite ornaments I have ever made because I fully intend on having them around after Christmas. Don't judge me.  I used some awesome printables found over at Minieco, and believe me when I say you … [Read more...]

Backyard Makeover Part 1


It's DECEMBER. I know, you all already know this, but I need to point this out because it's December and I'm writing about a project we completed months ago. Actual months! If you keep up on Instagram, you have already seen that we took on a rather large project this Summer - the backyard makeover! Yep, the whole thing! There was landscaping, deck cleaning and painting, and it's not even finished yet, but the hardest parts are done. Here's where we started: THE LANDSCAPING: So this was a big undertaking - like 60 square feet of undertaking! We started with the digging, which is so … [Read more...]

Art That Matters… In The Bedroom [+ GIVEAWAY]

Bedroom Artwork with Meaning - The Learner Observer

Yes. I am the crazy blogger who is sharing a non-holiday related post with you at the end of November. On Black Friday. Why? Because I'm a rebel and a rule breaker! HA! Seriously, though, I wanted to share this with you because the artwork in our Master Bedroom is some of my favourite artwork in the whole house because all of it is jam-packed with memories/meaning/love.  You might remember this view from the One Room Challenge posts. Slowly but surely I'm covering all aspects of the room makeover and so far we've covered the tufted headboard tutorial. Now let's talk … [Read more...]

The To Do List – Updated!

making plans, writing lists, keeping goals - The Learner Observer

So exactly one year ago I posted this list of all of the things we want to get done in our house, and I figured a year is long enough to go without an update! So here it is!   Main Floor FRONT ENTRANCE (7% complete) 2% increase. So... basically nothing happened here! make a coat rack We didn't make one, but I did buy a small one. It gets the job done for now! replace tile flooring paint a chalkboard wall - wanna see? paint all trim paint front door do something about the mirror paint walls and potentially do something fun like this on … [Read more...]

DIY Tufted Leather Headboard [& Giveaway!]

DIY Tufted Leather Headboard

Hello lovelies! Today I'm coming at you with a few details on my brand spankin new DIY tufted leather headboard, brought to you by the awesomeness of the Leather Hide Store! This is no perfect step by step detailed tutorial because most of the time I spent making this thing I was by myself, it was some sort of post-dinner after dark time of night, and I'm a bad blogger who used her phone to take pictures because my bedroom was in complete disarray with missing floorboards and half-painted furniture. Does that sounds like an excuse? Well, it kind of is! That all being said, you may have … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge 2014: The Finale

The Learner Observer One Room Challenge Master Bedroom Makeover

So this is it! I'm not going to bore you with too many words because it's all about the pictures. Just know this: The One Room Challenge is hard, it's stressful, exhausting, and I am SO GLAD I DID IT! Having a room finished in just 6 weeks seemed impossible, but Alex and I made it happen. We both lost sleep over it, worked hard, missed out on a Halloween party, and are totally proud of ourselves for making it all come together. Wanna see? So if you remember, this was the inspiration I posted a few weeks ago: A few things changed, a few stayed the same. I opted to leave the rug … [Read more...]