The L.O. Turns TWO!

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Good morning friends of the internet! Do you notice something different about the blog today? Something a little more blush and more gold, perhaps? It's true... The Learner Observer has a new look. Going into year 3 of blogging called for a look that's a lot more subdued, less busy and more me! What do you think? I still have a few kinks to work out, but this is pretty much it! So I missed my own Blogging Anniversary... sort of intentionally. It was yesterday! I wanted to post something short, but I figured I'd save it and make one wordy post today, because we wouldn't have it any … [Read more...]

A Chair Makeover – On Remodelaholic

Folding Chair Makeover

Good morning friends! Surprised to see me posting again after 6 days of Scarf Week? Me too!  Remember how I get the awesome privilege to be a contributor on Remodelaholic? Well today I have my next contributor post going live and it's a goodie! I am SO excited to finally share this project because it was a major trash to treasure tale and I really think you'll love it. So now that you know what they look like in the 'after' pictures, some see the before over at Remodelaholic today! I have a pretty good feeling you won't be disappointed - I mean, look at that marbleized fabric … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winners and a Recap! {SCARF WEEK}


OH MY GOSH! It's over! Can you believe it??!?! Scarf Week has been like the best week ever, and though I feel a little bit worn out from all of the late night crafting, post writing, photo editing and SEWING! Can you believe I sewed? I still can't...  I cannot thank the Scarf Week Team enough for this fantastic week. I hope you've enjoyed their amazing projects as much as I have! In fact, I think we should recap some of the awesomeness that we got to see this week, don't you? Bling Scarf by Dream a Little Bigger | 5¬≠Minute Twisted Bracelet by The Learner … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Kimono From a Scarf {SCARF WEEK}

How to make a scarf into a Kimono in under an hour!

Can you believe it's the LAST DAY of Scarf Week projects? Part of me is sad, because seeing all of the amazing things being made by my fellow Scarf Week-ers was ahhhh-mazing... but part of me is slightly glad I can stop sewing for a little while. You know I'm not exactly good with needles and thread, right? I mean... this week was a first of many for me - first Scarf Week, first sewing project... It's been grand! Speaking of first sewing project... This is also my first clothing project. EEEEEK!!! Are you ready to see it? Now let me tell you something about this post. As easy as it … [Read more...]

Tie-up Scarf Sandals {SCARF WEEK}


Day 3 of Scarf Week is upon us! And I'm back with another no-sew tutorial for you. I have a feeling I will be using this tutorial myself for quite some time because the possibilities are kind of endless, and when it comes to accessorizing, more options are always better, right? How about scarf sandals? So I know I told you that the scarf bracelet was the easiest thing ever to make? Well then this must be the second! All you need are 3 things: Ok... 4 if you count each flip-flop, but they come as a pair so I only counted them as one! First, you'll need to cut your scarf in half lengthwise so … [Read more...]

Scarf Turned Camera Strap {SCARF WEEK}


You guys!!! It's day two! Can you believe it?!?! I really can't. I am SO. EXCITED. about this week still. I can hardly contain myself! I seriously can't get enough of seeing Rob Lowe in a pink scarf. It's pretty much the best! So, today I bring you another repurposed scarf: I'm going to make this tutorial as short and sweet as possible - and full of pictures. It's super simple, so let's get to it. First, here's what you'll need: The camera is for us crazy bloggers who need to take pictures of all of our projects. Because I made this strap for my main camera, I used my old point-and-shoot … [Read more...]

5-minute DIY: Twisted Bracelet {SCARF WEEK}

Quick DIY using an old scarf and a wooden bead by The Learner Observer

Hello friends! Today is the official first day of Scarf Week projects, and I am SO. EXCITED! My first project is an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-5-minute project you can make any day, any time! All you need (technically) is a scarf. For realsies. That's it!  These are oh-so-cute for Spring and Summer, or any other season, really, as long as you don't choose pastels like I did! I am not kidding when I say this takes 5 minutes. It also doesn't require many materials, which is always a bonus, isn't it? Here's what you need: Yep. I forgot to put my scissors in there to take a photo of them, so … [Read more...]

Introducing: SCARF WEEK

SCARF WEEK 2014 (square)

When I was a kid, I always had this irrational fear of sharks. I had nightmares about them, imagined seeing a fin while swimming, and even felt a little uneasy in pools! Like I said... irrational! Yet one of my favourite movies was Jaws and I had this sick need to watch Shark Week on The Discovery Channel every single year, and again when they repeated the shows. Am I alone here? Please say no...  Ok, so where is all of this going? Well the amazing Lauren of The Thinking Closet with her genius punny mastermind came up with Scarf Week. And yes, it happens the exact same week as Shark … [Read more...]

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Box

Kate Spade-Inspired Storage by The Learner Observer

Hello friends!!!! Long time no blog, I know. I've been a busy bee working on many many projects, as you may have kept up with on Instagram with some sneak peeks! Well now you get the full tutorial for one of my favourite projects lately - a little black and white beauty! I can't even explain to you how obsessed I am with this. Who doesn't love a little something Kate Spade Inspired? As you can see from the image above, I'm kind of obsessed with black and white... if you didn't catch that already from my kitchen chairs and my recent table/lamp makeover! Here's what I used to make … [Read more...]

Je t’aime, Paris!


So we left off with a less than exciting view of France, but I promise, this post will change that.  Like last time, this is filled with photos - even more, actually, because we spent a few more days in Paris than in London.  Be warned: this post is over 2000 words and has more pictures than any other post ever! Alright...let's get to it! Paris Day 1:  We arrived in Paris in the late afternoon and promptly took a train to the center of the city. Upon arrival, we quickly realized we were lost! Finding our apartment was not easy, and it took us about an hour, but in … [Read more...]

I see London, I see France…


...but don't worry, you won't see any underpants. Take that whatever way you want. I realize it can sound a little bit scandalous, but I assure you this post is family friendly! Friends, get ready for a picture-filled post. My apologies if it takes a long time to load, but I think it'll be worth it. London Day 1: We promptly went to the London Eye. Waited in line for about 2 hours because we didn't know that Easter Break in Europe is two weeks long! Tip #1: look into that before you go! The wait was worth it, though. The trees were in full, beautiful bloom and there were carrots … [Read more...]

New Linen Chest Goodies and the Giveaway Winner!


Hey friends! Quick update here on what I picked up at Linen Chest on a recent visit. I should preface this all by saying that you will notice a trend in what you see... and it will come as no surprise to you all!  As you may remember from a previous post, this was my wish list. Lots of black and white and drinking utensils, remember?   Well, this is what I actually got: Ok, so just one item from the wish list, but that's because I fell in love with new stuff once I was actually in the store! These tea towels screamed my name as soon as I walked in. They're … [Read more...]

Checkin’ In – And a Little LC Giveaway!

LC Living WishList

Hey guys!  Gals! People of the internet! It's been a quiet few weeks here at The L.O. because we've been oh so busy with some big DIY projects around our house - and I mean that literally! We're landscaping the front, side and back of the house and have been digging for a few days to get started on this massively huge job. To anyone who landscapes regularly (lookin' at you, dad!), I bow down to you and your mighty strength. This stuff is HARD, you know?! Anyway, I figured it'd be good to let you know I'm still here, still alive, in case you've missed posts on Instagram and … [Read more...]

A Thrifty Thursday Full of Shiny Things


I love shiny things, don't you? Duh, who doesn't, right? Well I have a slew of shiny for you today, my friends. This week I got busy looking for shiny, though I didn't actually mean to. I just thought I'd hit up some of my favourite thrift shops, and I happened to get quite lucky! Here are some of my best finds this week: The glass candlesticks are hand blown and were $1.99 each. I know... Crazy. There was no way they were going to stay on the shelf very long at that price and I am so happy I snatched them up! The set of three brass candlesticks ranged from $1.99-$3.99 each, so all … [Read more...]

Backstage Pass: Insights Into Blogging Take 3

We're baaaaaaack! It's time for another round of Backstage Pass. Are you ready? Ever wonder how your favorite bloggers do it - cranking out posts consistently, managing their social media and answering comments, all while being fabulous and charming? "Backstage Pass" is here to help answer your questions! In this series, we take you behind the scenes to show you how blogging works; what motivates us, what is important in blogging, how do we juggle it all? Come join us to find out!Who is "we", you might ask? Well, let me tell you!   Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin | … [Read more...]