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    Easy and Delicious Halloween Treat Mix

    I never really liked Halloween. even as a kid, it was a weird “holiday” to me, and maybe that’s because I went the first 10 years of my life without celebrating it (back then, no one in Brazil even knew what Halloween was!). But you know what I DO love? Candy. And chocolate. And a good reason to eat those things simultaneously. Ok, so I guess I do like Halloween. Never mind. Let’s start over!


    Hey guys, want a really easy, cute and totally acceptable way to fill yourself up with a ton of sugar? Look no further. I got you.

    I partnered with Wayfair to give you a really simple way to treat yo’self this Halloween. I should tell you that what I made is already GONE and has been gobbled up – mostly by me. I could also tell you this would be a great treat to make for your kids, but I’d be lying. I didn’t make it with kids in mind. I made it with ME in mind – hence it being all gone already.


    Here’s what I used to make this mix:

    • yogurt-covered raisins (that I turned into cute little ghosts!)
    • chocolate-covered pretzels (milk and dark, and OMG the dark chocolate ones are so good)
    • candy corn (which I never understood the hype around until recently. What a great candy!)
    • smarties (I got the halloween mix with brown and orange only, obvi)
    • black decorating gel and orange candy melts for sprucing things up

    I started with having a bit of fun with the raisins. Some black icing, dark chocolate or decorating gel will do the trick here (though truthfully, the decorating gel took FOREVER to dry) and all you need are 3 dabs to make two eyes and a mouth. Done!


    Next, I melted some orange candy melt and put it in a resealable bag to squirt all over the pretzels. This was strictly for decoration but I didn’t mind the extra sugar either! To melt: put in microwave in 30 second intervals, mixing in between each one until it’s all melted.



    I let everything harden/dry and mixed everything up in a bag before tossing it into a bowl.

    WARNING: putting this mix in a bowl and leaving out on ANY surface, will surely mean you eat a LOT of chocolate and candy. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you!


    And just like that… you’re done! This is a very low effort way to make a cute and delicious mix for yourself, for guests, for parties…and hey, there’s fruit in there, so it’s healthy, right? haha

    Tips to making a great snack mix:

    • something small and sweet (Smarties, M&M’s, gummy bears, peanut butter/chocolate chips)
    • something crunchy (think pretzels, puffed rice, corn flakes)
    • fruits or berries (raisins, dried apricots, dried cranberries, banana chips)
    • nuts or seeds (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds)

    So, do you think you might try a mix like this? I may attempt a healthier version after Halloween is over. But until then, gimme all the sugar!

    Feel free to pin this for later!


    Thanks for popping by, you guys. And as a little note, though this post was Sponsored by the lovely people at Wayfair, believe me when I say that all thoughts and opinions on how great this mix is are entirely my own. I really really do love chocolate and candy. I promise!

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