A Few Faves for Babes

Hey you guys! So today I'm going to share a few cool baby products with you from a site I happen to L-O-V-E! Have you heard of Uncommon Goods? Well it's a great site where you can find some really amazing handmade products. They're huge supporters of small businesses and, get this: they believe in treating their employees well and sell handmade, recycled and organic products. I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of all of those things! So let's get to the fun stuff! I wanted to share some cute baby things with you that would make adorable (and totally unique) gifts … [Read more...]

9 weeks and 4 days: Life with Newborn Twins

Hey you guys! In an effort to up my blogging game - uhhhh, I know... WHAT game? - I'm going to share with you the thing I know the most about these days: not sleeping, poop on the wall, juggling two babies, living life with two amazing brand new humans. Yep...that's the one, though if you ask me, I also know quite a bit about those other three things by now, and they may or may not come up. Seriously, though, I know I've been totally MIA, and I'm sorry for that. As you can imagine, the last 9 weeks have been busy with Jude & Luca showing up a little earlier than expected, and … [Read more...]

DIY: Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Hey friends! Long time no blog!! Remember back in November when I started #TheLOBathReno? Well, it's complete, though that's not what I'm sharing with you today... as you can guess from the title of the post, this is all about one of my favourite new things in the bathroom: the recessed medicine cabinet! I'm over at Remodelaholic sharing all of the details of how we (and by we, I mean my lovely husband because I was too pregnant to do anything but watch and take pictures) made this work for us. It's amazing what a difference this has made for organizing all of our things, and I LOVE … [Read more...]

#TheLOBathReno Part 2: Progress!

The madness of pre-babies renovations continues! So we have actually gotten lots of work done, which both surprises and delights me. And again, when I say we, I mean my husband and my dad, because I basically go into the washroom to look and be amazed at what's being done, and also occasionally to clean and tidy up because the insane amounts of dust and tools everywhere drive me a little nuts! Ok, so let's take a look at what's been going on, and if you missed the beginning, go check out part 1 of the renovation to see where we started with this all-mustard, falling apart … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 4

Hey you guys! So remember how last week I said I didn't get anything done in the nursery? Well, this week I think I managed to get even LESS done. This round of the One Room Challenge is turning out to be a little hectic for me, given the fact that we've also taken on a pretty major bathroom renovation, are in the process of painting most of our main floor, and I also tackled a DIY-filled makeover of our front entry.  The crib we're getting for the boys is temporarily unavailable, and the rest of the furniture plans are also kind of up in the air, so this means I literally have a … [Read more...]

A Quick Entryway Makeover with DIY Shiplap Walls

Let me start by saying sorry to my email subscribers for the random "Gg"-titled email a few days ago. I accidentally published a post that just had two random pictured for another post in it. Don't even ask me how that happened... I promise today's post is real! Yes, we are making over the nursery. Yes, you may know we've also started renovating our bathroom (more on that Monday morning). Yes, we also did a small makeover in our entryway because I am a crazed pregnant woman whose idea of nesting is completing ALL of the not yet completed/started projects we ever planned around the … [Read more...]

#TheLOBathReno Part 1: demolition!

Hello lovelies! So you may or may not know that we're in the middle of a One Room Challenge as we prep the nursery for our twin boys to arrive. Well, as if that wasn't enough while 7 months pregnant, we've also taken on a bathroom reno. It may sound crazy, but given the fact that this is our only bathroom upstairs, it's kind of a 'now or never' situation, because once the babies are here there is simply no way we would be able or willing to tackle a full-blown renovation like this. So let's get to the juicy stuff: the BEFORE pictures! Here's the bathtub situation. Yes, it could … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 3

It's that time again! It's unfortunate, but not much was done in the nursery this week. We got baseboards put in, but that's literally it! If you want to see where we started, check out weeks 1 and 2! I did, however, start planning some more decor items for the room, like artwork and a mobile. I considered buying one, but on a recent trip to Chapters, I saw some Christmas ornaments that looked very similar to some I bought in January on clearance. Wheels started turning and I think I actually have most of what I need to make the mobile myself! Love it when that happens! With this, … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 2

Hey friends! So this week's update is pretty boring, but I have to say I'm excited about it because it means we have floors and walls. Well, we always had floors and walls, but now we have prettier versions of both! You ready for the exhilarating photos? So here's where we started last week and where we're at this week: So the green walls are gone and have been replaced by a soft grey. Specifically, this is "Statuesque" by Behr. It was my favourite colour from the moment we first put the samples up on the wall! The closet is still a bit of a mess. I have some plans for it, but … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 1

Hello friends! Guess what's happening this week??? Can you believe I'm back for another round of the One Room Challenge? I can hardly believe it myself. I feel like I have been waiting for this Fall challenge to start for SO long... like since we announced that we were expecting! So true to our announcement, we're working on the nursery this round, and I could not be more excited. This is very likely the most exciting room I have yet to make over - but I probably say that every time, right? We'll also be tackling a bathroom reno simultaneously, so wish me all of the luck, please! Now … [Read more...]

DIY Sequin Letters

Hey fellow learners and observers! Did you catch the big baby announcement we made on Instagram this weekend? If you didn't, you should go check it out and then head back here. Today I'm bringing you another fun and quick project from the office makeover, and this one has to be one of my faves because, well, gold sequins! These two letters used to be in our living room and have since become part of the office's gallery wall. They were honestly so easy to make, I almost feel bad having a tutorial for them, but here goes... Materials: cardboard or foam board ruler & … [Read more...]

Side Table Makeover {in under 30 minutes!}

Hey you guys! So I know it's been like WAY too many weeks since my last post, but this pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride! I finally feel like I'm getting back to normal...because I'm not a zombie with eternal morning sickness, and all! So today I wanted to share one of the projects from my ORC Office Makeover with you because it was one of the easiest, quickest furniture makeovers I have ever attempted, and this little table has been used in two rooms of the house already. Here's how the table started out when I got it for $8 at the Habitat ReStore: I started with the … [Read more...]

The Reason[s] For My Radio Silence…

Hello again, world! It has been a whopping SIX WEEKS since my last blog post. This might just be the longest blogging break I have ever taken, and it wasn't intentional, it was more like it was forced on me - but in a good way. Let me explain... May 10, 2015 (yes, Mother's Day): I had a lovely afternoon with my mom, having a late brunch and some wonderful mother-daughter conversation. I wasn't feeling well and hadn't been for days, but I kept thinking it was nothing. That day, however, I couldn't shake this weird feeling that it was more than just PMS or the weather or my diet making me … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge™ Spring 2015, Week 6

Alright, this is it. No take backs, no do-overs. The office is finished and I'm about to show you what 6 weeks of work looks like (for me, anyway!). But first... A look back at where we started: Yes, there were yellow walls and pink-ish dirty carpet, but not anymore! Now that you got a feel for what the whole room looks like, I'll give you some details. As you might remember from week 1, my original layouts included an L-shaped desk. That never happened because the table we had was old and too well-built to take apart the way I had envisioned, so I ended up … [Read more...]

One Room Challenge™ Spring 2015, Week 5

ONE. WEEK. LEFT. This is it, you guys. Crunch time! I'm not nearly as stressed as I was last week, though if I update my to-do list, I might just freak out a little. So let's see what's on it. Still to do: one more coat of black paint on door reinstall door handle finish painting bookcase paint and install backing on bookshelf style bookcase (eek! this is going to take me weeks!) paint 4 frames for gallery wall actually hang frames for gallery wall style shelves above desk hang blinds on window pot all succulents deep clean upholstered chair … [Read more...]