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Hey friends! Today I’m bringing you a quick little post sharing 4 easy ways to Hygge your home. Now, you’re either wondering: “what the heck is hygge?” or you are well familiarized with the term. Just in case you have no idea, it’s pronounced “hue-gah” and is a Danish word that acknowledges a moment or feeling (whether alone or not) as being cosy, charming, and special. Doesn’t that sound nice?

There is a way, of course, to achieve these moments or feelings, and I’m sharing a few easy ones with you today:

1: Lighting

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The best way to set the mood in a room is with lighting, so make sure to have plenty of ways to light up the room that aren’t overhead lights. Pendants hung nice and low next to a reading chair is a great idea, but of course, table lamps work, too!


2: Candles


Further to the lighting, candles add warm light and ambience to a space. Plus, they usually smell nice! They’re a great alternative to not having a fireplace, as well!

3: Wire Baskets


Now, this one may seem odd, but it’s a great way to store your cosiest objects, like books, magazines, pillows, blankets, and board games.


4: Blankets


If there’s one thing that screams cozy, it’s a blanket! Having a few available in a room and easy to grab, means you’re one step closer to collecting more hygge moments!

5: Rugs


A warm and cozy rug to greet your feet on a cold day just adds to the hygge-ness of a space. Choose something plush and full of texture for bonus cosiness!

And there you have it, my friends. Four easy ways to add Hygge to your life, and a few choices of products from our dear friends at Wayfair to help you get there!

P.S. They (Wayfair Canada) sponsored this post, but my love for all things cozy and comfortable are completely true, as you can see by the photos of my house!

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    January 29, 2018

    LOVE this! Your home looks so cozy! I would put any of that decor in my home :)

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