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It’s Friday, and so far this year we’re 3 for 3 on the Friday 5 posts. I’m surprising myself with keeping up with these weekly posts!

So let’s get into it!

1. Cladwell

Last week I mentioned the Winter 10×10 challenge, which I shared more about on Instagram also. Well, doing this challenge is made much easier by using an app to organize my clothes for me! With Cladwell, I don’t need to take photos of my clothes, I just choose pieces that are most similar to what I own and it puts together outfits for me. I can separate my clothes by season, and even by capsule wardrobes like this! It’s incredible, and if you want to try your first month for free, click here and use promo code ‘LearnerObserver’. You won’t regret it. It makes organizing your closet SUCH a breeze, and it’s so helpful seeing exactly what you actually do wear!

2. The 10×10 Challenge

Yep. That was on the list last week, but it’s back because now that it’s started, I’m loving how colourful this Winter’s 10×10 is turning out to be! I’ll be sharing more about it, but you can see the pieces I’ve chosen on Instagram, and here are some similar pieces to what I’ve chosen as well!


3. Mai Lin Jewelry

I’ve had this little bracelet on my wrist since I did a photoshoot with my favourite ladies over at Smithery Style. It serves as a reminder for me to practice self-care every day, even in small ways, like washing my face before bed and putting on moisturizer. As she says on her Instagram account, these are “sentimental silk reminder bracelets from one hopeful optimist to another.” If you’re ever looking for a small gift for a special someone, this is it!

4. Smithery Style

Speaking of Smithery…if you don’t know about them, here’s your chance to be introduced to this lovely Canadian duo whose intention is to dress women for their body shape. I can tell you now that I thought I knew my body shape and I was SO WRONG! Check out their site to find your shape, and in the meantime, check out their initiative to share real women’s perspectives on body love! Here’s mine!

5. Roolee Boutique

I just ordered a dress from them and I cannot wait to get it and share with you guys! I’m so excited! I absolutely love the look of their clothes, and they have home decor pieces that are super cute too! Plus kids stuff, so… it’s a win win win all around!

And that concludes this fashion Friday 5, which was totally unplanned! Happy weekend!



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