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It’s time for another High/Low, and this time my lovely friends (Andrea of Harlow and Thistle & Laurie of VinYet Etc) and I are bringing you pantry organization on two budgets: a high and a low, of course! If you love High/Low posts as much as I do, check these out:

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To start, here is the image that inspired me the most:

image via Country Living

I obviously loved the black and white floors and white walls immediately, but the use of warm wood tones and that ticking stripe apron really drew me in. And there’s something amazing about that vintage scale, isn’t there? Anyway, this is basically the pantry of my dreams! If only any storage in my house could ever stay THIS organized! Though, I have to say, that having the right tools definitely helps, and making them pretty doesn’t hurt. So let’s try to see how we can recreate this organization space into something pretty!


These are my two options, and you can try to guess which is the high and which is the low – and maybe it’s super obvious this time, but can you guess how much of a difference in price there is between the two?

Take a closer look at them…

Think you got it?

Are you sure?


I’m going to give you one more chance to change your mind.

Did you guess that there’s a $1000 difference between them?

Ok, ok, fine, here are the costs for each one!

Kind of amazing, no?

And there are items in both the high and low options from the same stores, which is just more proof that you can have beautiful and well made things if you just look around a little bit!

Now it’s time for me to break it down. Let’s start with…



Now, if you want to see even more High/Low goodness and you have a thing for pantry organization like I do, go check these two out:

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Until next time!




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    Laurie @ VinYet Etc.

    August 2, 2017

    That’s completely amazing! Of course I love everything, but that apron is making me wanna run out and get one!

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    August 2, 2017

    Yahoo I guess correctly! I love it all – especially that scale!

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