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It’s FRIDAY!!! I feel like this week just zoomed by, which is also why I almost forgot to hit publish on this post, but here we are! Today I’m sharing a super easy way to make a customized tea towel (or really anything you want) with foil iron-on from Cricut!

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-9

Truth: I struggled a bit with this because I seriously lack patience and you need to keep the iron on these things for quite a long time before they stick. That’s not the product’s fault. That’s mine. And even in my haste, it still turned out great! I basically want to use this on everything I own now!

Materials used:

First step: get the cut file I have made for you! You can use this for cutting anything, of course, so please feel free to tell the world about your need for coffee on any surface! Here is what it’ll look like in the Cricut Design Space.

Cricut cut file

I cut a little bit more foil than I would need for the design and placed that on my cutting mat, then let the machine work its magic. Have you ever just sat and watched your Cricut cut away at something in complete awe? Or is that just me?


Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-1

Peel off one of the corners and remove all of the excess foil from around the design. I used the weeder tool to remove all of the small bits, being careful not to poke any holes into the actual design. This is surprisingly therapeutic.

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-2

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-4

Now you have something that looks like this:

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-6

The plastic film is slightly sticky, so you can go ahead and flip your design over and place it where you want on the tea towel, and you’re ready to iron!

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-7

Use your iron on its hottest setting without any steam, Use another towel to protect the design and let the iron sit on it for 20-30 seconds. Go over the design again and again, but lift the iron off each time rather than dragging it.


Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-8

Once you think you’ve done enough ironing, let everything cool and peel off the clear plastic. You should have a beautiful foil design nor ironed on to your fabric! If you don’t, don’t fret – just place the plastic back, put the towel over your project and iron again for around 15-20 seconds.

I had to do this 3 times. No patience, remember?

And voila!

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-15

Now you’re ready to grab a cup and relax because this is obviously hard work, right? Just kidding. But it did make for a great excuse to make myself a second cup of coffee today!

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-24

The foil is super soft and moves perfectly with the fabric. I’m so excited to have ALL the cute tea towels now!!

I haven’t washed this one yet, so I’m not sure how well it’ll stay on after washing, but I’ve heard good things about these foil iron-ons, so I’m very hopeful!

Cricut Iron-on Tea Towel - The Learner Observer-26

Have you ever tried a project like this? I kind of just want to leave this one right there, since it’s right by our coffee station, but I have a feeling two little boys will just end up pulling it down and I’ll find it on the floor in another room of the house!

Have a lovely weekend, you guys!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.




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