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Hey friends! Happy Monday!!

I’m just quickly charing with you a project I worked on for Remodelaholic today. It’s probably one of the easiest and one of my favourite projects so far for the kids, and it requires no sewing, which is huge for me! Sewing machine + Thalita = disaster!

I made this tent using an old Queen-sized bed sheet, some dowels, and 1x2s I had cut to size at the hardware store.

I’m so excited to move this tent out to the backyard for the Summer, so the kids can have an outdoor space to crawl into! It should make Summer picnics so much fun for two curious little boys, and when we’re done using it, it folds flat so I can store it just about anywhere!


Check out the YouTube video with full instructions or the post over on Remodelaholic!


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